Point to Hope Testimonies

We hope you enjoy the testimonies shared here from those the Lord has touched and blessed through Point to Hope Ministries.

Cindy Glover 3/8/2016
I was at the conference and you spoke about wells. I had been wrestling with God about going into a jail ministry. I took the leap of faith and I have never looked back. These women are so hungry for some unconditional love that only God can provide. I am happy to share that with them. This Past Thursday we had 2 re-dedications and 4 Salvation’s. God worked very powerfully through his word to bring about change in me and these women. I am so excited about the future of this ministry. Thanks Nancy and point to hope for your encouraging words. The name of my ministry is The Gate Called Beautiful. The house is under construction but coming a long nicely. God is Amazing!

Ed Brooks 10:37am Aug 25
Praise the Lord, I attend Assembly Church in Hartwell, GA. You were there this past Saturday evening, August 22, 2015. Anyway I came up for prayer for my mother and you told me that God said, “It is done”. Before you even prayed you said it is done. The doctors did surgery on her this morning and could not find any cancer. Not even any tumor or where one had been. God is Good!!!
Testimony by Erica Peters in regard to the ministry of Nancy Haney who will be speaking at United on August 15th.
“After moving home from an intense 3 years in Atlanta, GA, rediscovering Father’s heart for me, and being overcome by the Holy Spirit…I was physically exhausted. I had just had my 10 minute tanning bed session and was ready to go home for a night of zoning out to the buzz of the TV when I got a text from Marly….she said she was gonna be at this conference and I should come. I told her how crazy tired I was and I was just gonna go home. There was no push back but Marly did encourage me to come and receive. After we got off the phone I prayed and asked Father what He desired for me to do. Immediately a song came across the radio literally saying “just go!” After that another one along very similar lines. So I went….and boy am I glad I did!!!! Wonderful words from Father. Specifically Nancy shared an experience she had once that I had recently been freed from…she spoke directly to me during that whole story…that was amazing enough but the last night of the conference she and I spoke and she shared with me that she had never told that story before but that Holy Spirit said to tell it as it was meant for me to hear. On top of thaaaatttt she gave me a prophetic word…she said Jesus was the apple of my eye…that i had made the right choice and was about to experience blessings too abundant to explain…that my husband was well on his way and would be there a lot faster than I could imagine….that he wasn’t going to be who I expected, an old friend, or someone I really even knew. She said he would come out of church (as in his background) and be not yet active but open to the prophetic. The very next day I met Zack Covington. We will be married August 29. Nancy’s words from Father not only exactly matched my life but changed my life…gave me renewed strength, hope, and an even deeper understanding of the spiritual battle we are in. I am SO excited to see her again!!!”

Shift or Drift       9/25/14

I have spent part of January and February with Point to Hope in Georgia and South Carolina. It is always amazing to me what the Lord does through Nancy. She has several words for 2014, but the one that keeps coming to me is Shift or Drift. For this reason we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it.  Heb 2:1 Hear what the Lord is saying….
I have witnessed many people that were in that place of decision. A place of hopelessness, confusion, hurt and watched the Lord take Nancy from one path to a redirect to meet that need in the room over and over. The Lord is awesome in giving Nancy the discernment to see what each audience needs to hear, and yet stay on track for the Word for year 2014. Listen and see what the Lord has for you. David cried out to the Lord…”Why are you in despair, O my soul?  And why have you become disturbed within me? Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him, The help of my countenance and my God.”  Psa 42:11 And the Lord sends those like Nancy to bring His Hope…To bring a message of giving praise to the Lord for who he is…So that we can walk in that freedom and alliance with him and those we walk with..
For the kingdom of God does not consist in words but in power. 1Cr 4:20
I witnessed the Power of God on her as she prayed for individuals. As she preached to congregations, the Word of the Lord came forth in confirmation many times. Hope filled the room, the Lord has been having His way through this ministry. I thank the Lord for a willing vessel that seeks His face daily to hear an accurate timely word, as confirmed by many leaders.
“For He whom God has sent speaks the words of God; for He gives the Spirit without measure. John 3:34 Many times people were blown away that the Lord showed Nancy personal things in their life. The prophecy and wisdom of counsel just flowed.
I witnessed a young man of 8 years of age being prayed for, he was intent on the Word the Lord had for him. When asked what need he had, he asked for a blessing of wisdom. Talk about sending me to tears of joy as being very proud of his young heart listening to the Lord.  Than witnessing Nancy to activate his faith by the laying on of hands to impart that wisdom. What a joy to see the young listening, activating and to see Nancy work with such grace and encouragement  with the youth.
Rom 15:13 (NASB) — Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Lisa McDonald
Point to Hope Ministries
Public Relations



I meet Nancy & here team in Ketchikan Sept. 26, 2013. WOW does not even begin to explain how I felt when I first heard her speak. Then Saturday God did a wonderful work. Nancy asked if she could pray for me. Well of course I said yes. Short preview: I have been separated for a year. My husband decided to ask for a divorce after 30 years. I have been struggling with so many emotions. So now forward to Saturday, Nancy prayed for my stubbornness first then for God to heal my heart. Well the most beautiful thing happened. God gave me HIS vision of my hearts. Yes hearts. I my heart was in 3 parts, anger, still loving my husband & HAVING THIS INTENSE RELATIONSHIP WITH MY FIRST LOVE, JESUS! But while I was on the floor GOD showed me the heart HE had for me. The most beautiful heart ever. Then in HIS two hands HE held the other 2 parts. HE slowly & gently, JUST LIKE HIM, begins to meld all the parts into THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HEART. HIS HEART! THE HEART OF OUR RELATIONSHIP! Then he took my hand & we began to dance in the most beautiful garden ever. Just like a bride on her wedding day. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH MY JESUS! MY HEART, HIS HEART IN ME IS SO BEAUTIFUL, SO FULL OF JOY! THANK YOU NANCY & TEAM FOR COMING TO KETCHIKAN! THANK YOU NANCY FOR PRAYING FOR ME!


The Lord woke me up early this morning. As I read Sarah’s e-mail and started praying and reading the scriptures, the Lord started speaking to me.  I know I am wordy sometimes but hang in there………Let the sword be drawn and let it cut asunder anything that would stand against His plans.  Any word or any flesh will be pierced through with the Sword of the Lord.  Nothing can stand in His way.
Let every person that knows the Lord stand and be counted.  I see people standing up (literally) one at a time as the call goes out.  Some are a little hesitant but one by one they are standing.  As more stand they grow bolder and stronger.  It is the army of the Lord He is raising up in Ohio.  If Ohio is the heart of America, as the heart strengthens and the body stands, the strength will go from there OUT all directions with the body getting stronger and stronger.  You are right, it is the beginning right where you are.  PTH is the beginning, the core of the stand.  You handful are the first, Ezekiel 36:26-27.  God is giving America a new heart.  He has removed her heart of stone and has given her a heart of flesh.  We will begin to see America revived and from this conference forward we will see a difference.  Like a person with a heart transplant she (America) will pink up and begin to move freely.  Strength will return as the ” Blood ” begins to flow.  WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN A HEART TRANSPLANT!  Love you all.  Gloria

I wanted to give the Lord a shout of praise!  Second, thank you.  I saw you in Plain City, Oh and what a refreshing true spirit. So pure I thought you were going to ask what I needed pray for and I was going to say “my mouth needs REFINED and the spirit of strife needs cast out!”  Well, the Lord spoke through you without my help.  You said “God is REFINING you.  You are playing games and depressed. You need to read your Bible more. Spend more time with Jesus. There is a lot being thrown at you right now.  People are tearing you down.” This is exactly what is going on in my life!  I have stopped seeking the Lord and reading my Bible as I once lived for.  My personal life is a mess.  For 2 Months people have been attacking me that have never done this before.  You said “God has forgiven you and He says you are beautiful. He is returning everything the canker worm has stolen to overflowing! “Most of all Satan has been telling me I am dying.  I have been in and out of the hospital this year.  I was at a service one year ago and was so sick I could hardly walk.  As the pastor walked by I said “Jesus Son of David have mercy on me. I was so worn out and ready to give up I didn’t know what else to do. I was desperate. The second time I said it she turned around and prayed for me and I was better the next day.  I don’t know why I said that, it just came to me.  You spoke about it tonight. I cried.  I came home and picked up my Bible. I started reading where the Lord directed. John 3.  And 3:14 says Moses lifted up a bronze snake on a pole.  So like you said you do, I asked God what that had to do with this scripture. Mind you I wanted to ask for physical healing tonight but didn’t. So God is so good he led me to this.  I looked up Moses and the bronze serpent which I somewhat remembered but didn’t ever apply it to a physical healing for myself or someone else. Well Jesus showed this to me to tell me I might have been bitten(sick) but I won’t die! All because I was at church tonight, Hallelujah!!!!  All I could think about for 3 years is I am dying. I was depressed and my joy totally gone.    He is real!  Alive and well!  As Jesus is so am I!  Thank you Nancy and friends for your love and prayers.  May God bless everything you put your hands to, I needed this word very much!


I met Nancy during a home meeting at my mother in laws on Friday.She was meeting with some of the ministry leaders in our area.  My husband and I received such a blessing after meeting and praying with her.  It was a very powerful evening, and everyone could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.  My husband and I, are still talking about how uplifted we felt after praying with her.  I pray that everywhere she goes; she touches lives like she has ours.10/20/12
Focus on Faith
by John W. Koch, Pastor
Living Gospel Ministries Stockport

“You just experienced the Kingdom of God. Heal the sick, raise the dead, preach the gospel of the Kingdom. “ (Mark 13:10, Mark 16:15-18, Luke 7:22)
These were the words that kept resonating in my spirit shortly after we returned from Alaska in May 2012. My wife Lynn and I were invited to participate in three conferences and two weeks of ministry in Alaska with Nancy Haney and Point to Hope Ministries. This was truly the most awesome time we have yet to experience in our twenty-three years of ministry. We watched God touch the hearts of people and transform their lives. People were healed physically, emotionally and spiritually. Hearts and lives were recommitted to the Lord Jesus Christ and the blessings of God rained down on His people like continuous autumn rains after a long dry summer. God allowed us to truly experience His Kingdom during our two weeks with Point to Hope Ministries.  Through our daily earnest prayer, the study and hearing His Word, the unity and harmony of working together and serving one another, the presence and power of our God became real and tangible to all of us.  We experienced the righteousness, peace and joy of the Holy Spirit that comes from being of one heart and one purpose to bring glory and honor to God through our Lord Jesus Christ.  (Matthew 18:19-20, Romans 14:17-19, Romans 15:4-7)

To an amazing team exemplifying God’s grace:
I went to your recent conference in Ketchikan hungry and eager for a special touch from Jesus. I WAS in a season that brought me to a desperate prayer begging Him, ” Don’t let go of me, Lord!” ” My faith feels like it’s slipping away faster than I could hold on to it.” I committed myself to the whole conference. I work Monday through Friday, but nonetheless, I set all my weekend chores aside to attend; I knew I was meant to be there. I received above and beyond! I am born again with a fresh anointing . I went to me church the next day and couldn’t stop sharing the power of God that I saw, felt and experienced at the conference. I felt like I was swimming in His love. I do, I feel born again! The weights that were so easily besetting me are gone! There is so much I want to say, but most of all, I want to say THANK-YOU for coming to Ketchikan, for being obedient to the Lord and bringing your outstanding team here. My life is changed and I do give God all the glory because I know it’s in His grace and mercy that touches me. Before the conference, He was preparing me for something “new”. I can see that now. I have a new understanding of His glory and how much he loves me and empowers me with His grace. He definitely used your ministry to infiltrate that into my spirit. I will be forever grateful. May god bless you Nancy and your team with abounding grace and peace from our Lord Jesus!
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your life, and commitment to our Lord.  So sorry I couldn’t get to more of your services but I suppose Lillian told you I had a small accident, and it took a few days to get over it.  All is well, no broken bones, but it did keep me out of some of your services.

We all look forward with great anticipation to your next visit in Elberton.  I felt that your services marked a turning point in our area, and am seeing evidence of the Holy Spirit working in ways we have never witnessed.  A spiritual hunger and expectation has settled in, and intercessors are seriously and faithfully believing God to usher in Revival, not a flash flood, but a true spiritual soaking.  God has used you in His Own mysterious way to reach into hearts and bring encouragement, motivation, and anticipation.

Thank you Nancy!  God Bless you, your family, and your team!
In Christ,


To Nancy and the PTH team,

Wow. Thank you. My wife and I experienced God’s power so deeply in Augusta with you and your team that we brought a bunch of friends with us to Anderson, SC.

God used Nancy in Augusta to answer deep desires in our hearts about my wife and I having a ministry someday, about me becoming a pastor, my wife’s deep desire to operate in the gift of prophecy… The very questions we have been asking god in prayer over days, weeks, and years were answered. And, there was more. There is always more. The prophetic words for our future have given us encouragement and strength and the knowledge of who God has created us to be. When we went to Anderson I had written a prayer for each specific person coming with us, but I did not share it with them. Each person received exactly what was written in my prayer. The level of faith that was built by having Nancy, someone who didn’t know them from Adam, speaks words over them and then I could show them what I had written, was amazing. I have had thoughts in my head that my cousin has the gift of healing, but I had no basis for it, it was just a feeling. The first thing Nancy said when she grabbed his hands were “wow… you know you are anointed with the gift of healing.” My other friend had just received relationship healing when he crossed over the “bridge” that was set up. Nancy spoke to him about a new corner being turned, and new things being ahead of him, that a turning point has happened very recently. Again, just right on. Everything was so powerful. One night with the King changes everything… it’s so true. Thank you. You have ignited so much faith in us, it is going to do more than you could keep track of.

Your confidence and faith and joy and power and love are contagious. We will have all of eternity to reap the joy of what you have sown here. Thank you for your life of obedience to God. -Brian