Washington D.C.

Dec. 14, 2015

Dear Point To Hope Friends,

Hard to believe it is December!  However, since I am writing to “Believers” I guess it is no surprise to you! 

For some, 2015 has been a year of various storms.  Others, you may have had storms, but it was nothing like the storm the year before, and that is something to be grateful for.  What ever the weather, spiritually speaking, we know the ONE who calms the sea.  Regardless how the waves roar, we know we have a sure place if we stay anchored in the Master.  Whether your boat is rocky or smooth … our “WEATHER MAN” never changes.  It is up to us whether we believe or not.  What ever storm you faced from January until now …. here’s the good news – if you are reading this, you made it this far!  Our God is Holy and worthy of praise all the time!  Amen!

On behalf of Point To Hope Ministries, I want to thank you for your diligence to pray for Kingdom purposes and fulfilling His call for this 2015 year.  There have been many testimonies of God’s faithfulness, miracles, deliverances, healings.  And the greatest of all –  those who have said yes to Jesus and their name was written in the Book of Life!  You have been an intricate part in the many testimonies.  Like modern day “Ezras” – beseeching the Lord for safe journeys ….. Knowing His hand will be a shelter of protection against His enemy who seeks to devour His children.

“… That we might humble ourselves before our God, to seek from Him a safe journey…” (Ezra 8:21b).  “The hand of our God is for good on all who seek Him, and the power of His wrath is against all who forsake Him.”  So we fasted and implored our God for this, and He listened to our entreaty. (Ez. 8:22b & 23)
PTH has had safe journeys through 2015, not without bumps, but definitely safe and sheltered … through all kinds of spiritual weather.  So, once again, as we move into 2016, the first thing on the schedule is Washington D.C. (last week of December, 2015).

As many of you already know, before Nancy goes into a foreign country for a prayer assignment, the first place the Lord directs her is to the embassy of that country in D.C.  It is His way of giving her the spiritual authority for specific countries.  It’s not hard to understand this spiritual concept when you read scenarios of biblical battles and the various spiritual strongholds over certain regions (ex: prince of the kingdom of Persia & prince of Greece / Dan. 10, etc). 

Having said that, PTH would greatly appreciate your prayer coverage.  Like Ezra, we recognize the necessity to seek Him for a safe journey to the embassies knowing the hand of our God is for good on all who seek Him.

On another note for Jan. & Feb.:  Nancy will be continuing on to minister in Georgia / S. Carolina (with other PTH team members joining her along the way).  Again, it is your prayers that open the heavens!   Also, the first 2016 PTH Holy Spirit Encounter Conference will begin Thursday (7 PM), January 21-23, 2016, at Grace Place Farm & Lodge (1422 Reynolds Farm Rd., Grovetown, GA 30813). See the website for more conference / ministry details:   www.pointtohope.org 

This year’s Holy Spirit Encounter theme:  “Now Set Your Hearts on the Kingdom of Heaven … Maturing in His Love.”.  Also, more events / meetings will be added to the PTH  “event calendar” once finalized …. so stay tuned!  PTH cherishes your prayers!  They are powerful, effective, and most appreciated. … “He listened to our entreaty.” (Ez. 8:23b)

Blessings and Merry Christmas to all as we celebrate the birth of King of kings! … A daily celebration!

Sarah Tarter,
PTH Prayer Facilitator

Below is a list of embassies we (Nancy and I) will be visiting in Washington D.C.: 
Papua New Guinea