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Ketchikan Conference Great Success

The Ketchikan FullSizeRender (1)conference was awesome… Most excellent.   All the workshop speakers did a very good job.   Totally a Holy Spirit encounter for everyone who attended… So many men and women testifying with tears how they came to their personal encounters with the Lord…. A women had a seizure (as often and so severe!) And God poured out his power and through the name of Jesus she came out of it immediately.  The paramedics came and got her and took her to hospital.  But she came back the same evening meeting and I had the opportunity to be prayed for her again… Taught her what she could do (life time of infirmity).  Later that night after she went home, she began to experience the warning signs it was coming on and immediately she spoke those powerful words, put into action what I taught her and the seizure stopped… A first for her…. What a blessing … Many more deliverances … Reconciliation all kinds of relationships.  The Community was amaze at the response and attendance of so many cultural back grounds and faiths.  It was excellent to see the community respond to such a need for Christ in their life.    The Words – teachings – testimonies will go on and on!!!! Can’t wait to see what God is going bless us with in Ohio — October!!!  We are so thankful for your prayers and love.   Bless you … Blessings and much love,

NANCY AND PTH TEAM… Near and far!

Resilient Love

(“The Way” by Robert Bartow)

Dear Friends,

About a year or so ago, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar at the University of Alaska.  As is true in many professions, a certain number of college credits are required to maintain a valid certification.  I say “opportunity” when it really comes down to “choice” if I want to get a step closer to my destiny.   Thus, in order to move up a step, I had to select a class to take.  In my effort to ease the pain of giving up a week-end to sit through a seminar, I thought it would help if the topic was at least somewhat inviting.   So, I selected a class called  “Resiliency: Overcoming Adversity.”  

Part of the seminar included a panel of guest speakers.  One of the speakers had made national news – even coverage on one of the specials news programs of 20/20 or 60 Minutes (can’t remember which).  Marko Cheseto, an All-American runner who had disappeared for two days in the harsh winter chill of November 2011.  There is much more to the story, but as a result, both of his feet had to be amputated due to frostbite.  Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to hear his story… “his testimony.”  After all, having been burned, I was sure I could related to his adversities even though I was on the opposing end of the thermometer.

What was most shocking to me in the story of Marko Cheseto, was that becoming a double amputee and as a runner had been the least of his resilient life!  I was wrong in my anticipation as I waited for him to speak regarding what his “adversity” might be!   He was an amazing man!  One of the most profound things he said was when you overcome one thing, there will always be something new to overcome… it is called “life”.  In the personal stories – “testimonies” –  he shared about resiliency and overcoming adversity, the step of losing his legs as a runner was “low on the staircase” so to speak, as he had already overcome far worse in his young life.

Though Marko’s message was presented to a diverse group of people from all walks of life and beliefs, to me, I heard the spiritual symbolism of life.

Steps!  One at a time, on our knees as a symbol of prayer – a language of love to communicate with our most intimate God!  We are all on the same staircase; each one of us bearing the weight of what God has asked us to carry … some are simply carrying the “wait” and that at times may seem to heavy.  STILL, love compels us to climb yet one step higher.  

I don’t know where you are today on your staircase, but I want to thank you on behalf of Point To Hope Ministries.  Your prayer coverage is so vital to this ministry!  It is the prayers of God’s people – His intercessors that keeps us moving up the staircase, what ever the assignment, one step at a time.  We are praying for you as well … we are ONE family – ONE Body.  

As many of you know, this past spring has been a particularly rough step for Nancy’s health.  She continues to climb each step and the Lord is faithful to sustain and strengthen her with each new day!  Thank you for your continued prayers for her.  Yet, I know of so many that are on challenging steps too!  Those in need of physical healing, medical answers or directions, family crisis, financial burdens, etc.  Sometimes, just simply maintaining the step one is on holds enough trial itself, let alone moving to the next step.  But HE IS FAITHFUL!

What ever step we are on, this is always true for those who believe and whose trust is in the Lord:  We are triumphant – Resilient! … by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony! (Rev. 12:11).

I want to leave you with an awesome word Debbie Anderes send.  It is encouraging and powerful and I know you will enjoy it!  

Blessings to All!

Sarah Tarter,
PTH Prayer Facilitator


Pictures are worth a thousand words to me!
I approach this picture with a childlike wonder…  Come along with me.

As I sat and studied this picture, I remembered you (Nancy) telling me a story of how you, and Sarah I believe, had climbed on your knees what is believed to be the original marbled steps Jesus climbed leading to his trial.  At the time, you wondered how you did it as you were not in the best of health at the time, but you did it!

I know there is much more to that story but as I look at these steps it is such a picture of our lives. It’s uneven, it’s hard ground, you wonder how in the world you could make it to the top because most of the climb is without hand rails. It takes focus, balance, determination, risk of falling and courage to finish.

What in the world gets you to do something like this?  What could possibly drive anyone to do such a thing?  LOVE.  Love  so deep so wide so complete that just a taste is enough. It causes you to take every chance, every risk to have more. It’s promised for you to have all you can possibly desire but the only way is on your knees.

Eph 2:20 You are built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone!
Gal 2:20 for you have been ( you are a have-been) crucified with Christ, you longer live, for Christ lives in you.

Why do some not  get past the first steps? The secret is Love!  Is it not the enemy’s job to steal, kill, and destroy? (John 10:10)  One of the things the enemy tries to steal, kill, and / or destroy is our Love of Him.  
That’s the very thing he is after.  Love of Him, Jesus Christ!
This is the battleground.  Where love will grow cold – Sufferings, trials, even blessings keep us distracted – keep us from the next step.  It’s too hard!  It takes too much discipline!  It’s not comfortable!  Focusing on the hard step in front of us instead of anticipating reaching the top.

The warning? Watch this! Your love of Him. Love is the way to us keep going up. Stand your ground in Him;  Union and alliance with the Father. He will show you which steps to be more careful with and which ones are safe to pause and rest for a time.  There are many resting places on the way to Father’s house!  We will literally be walking with God. We have everything we need, in Him. Suffering even turns to bless us,  not because we must suffer but because we are willing!  God is our Righteous Champion Defender. He will get us there.  He is our strength!

The secret – just Love Him! Passionately. It empowers to obey. Each step reveals more wisdom to know more of the heart of God that overwhelms our hearts of this love and overcomes to step again.

Enter into the enjoyment of God – the delight in the fear of The Lord.  Enjoy Him.
Taste and see that The Lord is good.

The higher you are –
The farther you see.

Blessed are You, Lord God of Israel, our Father, forever and ever.  
Yours, Oh Lord, IS The greatness
The power and The Glory, The Victory and The Majesty
For all that is in heaven and in the earth is Yours;
Yours IS The Kingdom, Oh Lord
And You are exalted as head over all.
Both riches and honor come from You, and You reign over all.
In Your hand is Power and Might, In Your hand it is to make great and to give strength to all…
1 chronicles 29:10-13

My prayer in this time is, heaven will be open, like a stairway resting on earth – right where you are – with its top reaching to heaven and angels of God ascending and descending bringing you divine holy encounters and revelation.

Today you will be successful as you position yourself for Him.  Do it for love!

Debbie A.
PTH Assistant Director,
Ketchikan, AK

© Point to Hope Ministries

Standing in Awe

Another voice making a
Sound from Southeast Alaska

Debbie Anderes is the
Assistant Director for Southeast Alaska. 
Our next PTH conference will be in Ketchikan, AK, September 25, 26, and
27, 2014.  Put it on your calendar.


A year to Shift or Drift.

Shift then Sift.

What was, isn’t

These are strong words,
but how the Anchorage Conference spoke to me this year. 

Have you ever wondered why
it feels like the earth seems to be shifting right under your feet?  Time
seems faster than you can keep up with, and circumstances are pressing in
causing something new to rise up inside?

 “What’s happening?”

Well, God is shaking things
up and it is time. 

It’s time to pause, to
breathe and to Listen to the Sound. 

The title of this
year’s Conference is  “THE SOUND OF THE LORD …  LISTEN “

God tells us he is the stability of today.  He is
the way.  The only way! … To remember 
the message of the cross, the power of God.

The power of God’s love is
reaching out to us who believe, to let nothing
divide us from knowing this, for our own sake!

It is a requirement for
those who have been given a trust and that trust must prove

There is a door standing
open in heaven.  It is not a natural door and He is calling us to come up to
where He is and to think out of heaven to show us things that must take
place.  To declare a thing and it will be established.  To be still
and stand Amazed by God.  


When going up to a higher
elevation a different breathing is required.  Sometimes it can actually
make you light headed, dizzy or even sick to your stomach, like car
sickness.  All you can do is lie down and rest until you catch that new
balance of being at a higher elevation.  This is what is happening in the
Spirit right now; going to a higher elevation.  It really takes an
adjustment as well as an understanding of how to breathe differently. 

The Holy Spirit is
speaking to encourage us to go back to the basics.  To
allow Him to shift what’s been out of alignment with Him, to convince or
convict us to BELIEVE.  It’s basic!

Romans 8:14   For as
many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. 

This is a season of
convergence.  Things that have been ordained by God are coming together.  His
Word comes together with His purposes in His set times.  A time when we
need to set a watch and guard our hearts. 

Proverbs 4:23   Keep
your heart with all diligence for out of it spring the issues of life.

Psalms 51:10   Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew
a steadfast spirit within me!

Hidden things you
have not been aware of will be revealed.  Isaiah 48:6

The Lord is
aligning us with victory.  Victory mindsets by the Spirit of God.

provision, healing and abundance not yet known to us, to those who line up to
the Word.  Luke 6:38

A time of
acceleration, so we need to really pay attention. Picture driving a car in the
fast lane going very, very fast.  You cannot NOT pay attention.  Sometimes
you can’t even talk much driving here.  Stay
focused like never before, on HIM.

We must hear the voice of
the Lord for ourselves.  Hear the sound of HIM.   Know the
Word.  Not in your head, but in your heart!!!!! I hear Him say, “Align
yourself to Me, the living Word of God.”  Test everything!

And if we do these things,
buckle up, because our Lord is going to put His foot on the pedal and you are
in the car!  You will run and not grow weary.  You can fly high and
walk low.  You can be stepped on, ignored, and still rejoice and be glad
for His great purpose will be confirmed in you.  You won’t fear, because
fear is one without faith. 

Matthew 17:7   When
they looked up they saw no one except Jesus!

Main point: See no one but
Jesus in every situation.  Your life will live complete, but don’t look
away!  In every circumstance see Jesus!  The enemy will try his darnedest
to get your eyes off of Jesus.  Good things, as well as great challenges
and traumas, will try and capture your attention.  Whatever… 

Be still. 

Stand and be Amazed by
God.    You will simply be in Awe!  

Debbie Anderes

Assistant Director,
Southeast Alaska


Listen to the Sound of
the Lord

Dee Jones

There is a voice that
speaks to the darkness

But the darkness cannot comprehend

Ahhh but a Word spoken in oneness

Created life and light of all men


Do you hear the distant
rolling thunder?

Draw near to the sound of the Lord

The voices echo from Heaven

Holy, Holy is the Lord

There is a sound that comes to call us

A sound that you just can’t ignore

There’s a wind that rages to stir us

We’re in a position like never before

Listen to the wind of movement

Move with the sound of the Lord

The voices echo from Heaven

Holy, Holy is the Lord

You will walk the narrow and steady

It’s a time when signs shall appear

In an instant you are called to be ready

For a time such as this, is here

Do you hear the distant
rolling thunder?

Draw near to the sound of the Lord

The voices echo from Heaven

Holy, Holy is the Lord


Holy, Holy is the Lord

Holy, Holy is the Lord


  (unison of
whispers)  Holy, Holy is the Lord!


© Point to Hope Ministries

A Timely Word

As I’ve been praying for PTH, I feel God has been impressing on me or reminding me of our identity and position in Him.  I was getting out of my car at a business and spotted a penny that was spattered with mud and had probably been run over numerous times.  Even where it was laying, bits of it that were not covered in mud caught the sunlight and shone brilliantly.  I immediately thought about being in this world but not of it.  The world may splatter or rub off on us at times but there is no denying what we are made of – whose we are and our purpose to reflect His glory in every circumstance.   

Why a penny?  That spoke to me of many things.  For one, it was heads up showing the image of Lincoln — representing our true position of freedom, a path that those before us helped to forge.  Secondly, we can sometimes feel insignificant as a unit of one but even the greatest value we can think of is made up of “ones” – unity is the key.  Whatever we do or claim for Christ resounds in the body worldwide.  Lastly, a penny is made of copper – one of the most effective conductors of energy.  We are called not only to receive His glory… His fullness…but to release and demonstrate His power.  Our connection with the “current” = continuity of the availability of Gods resources to perform…to demonstrate His will and power.  Through the open door of Jesus in us, God’s Holy Spirit fills creation.  We need a deeper understanding of the “opening” of Jesus and and what that gives us access to.

A simple concept, really, but I think we sometimes need to be reminded. 

Love & Blessings,

Becky Contreras


© Point to Hope Ministries

Prayer for Rose Stransky

Dear PTH Intercessors,

We are asking for prayer for our friend, Rose Stransky.  She has been dealing with a debilitating
disease that has been very difficult. 
But now she is in the hospital. 
Doctors say she has had a stroke. 
Her mind is clear but she is having difficulty with mobility and speech.

Rose is our Assistant Director for Georgia and works very
hard to help make the ministry work in that area. 

Please pray for healing, comfort, peace, and strength for
Rose and her loved ones.  Also pray for
wisdom for the medical staff.

Thank you for your faithfulness as we all work together to
further the Kingdom of God.


Debbie Grimes

PTH Administrative Director

© Point to Hope Ministries

Point To Hope Ministries will be hosting a 3 Day Conference

Greetings  PTH Friends,
In a little over 4 weeks, Point To Hope Ministries will be hosting a 3 Day Conference in Anchorage, Alaska! 
April 24, 25, 26, 2014  (Thurs.-Sat.)
7:00  PM keynote speaker:  Nancy Haney
Fri. & Sat. 
8:30 AM  prayer
10:30 AM , 1:30 PM, & 3:30 PM  Workshops 
7:00 PM keynote speaker:  Nancy Haney
Free Admission for all sessions and workshops
Theme:  The Sound of the Lord!  
The Lord has given Nancy a powerful message and some keywords for the Body of Christ this year!  The Lord has a sound He is releasing in this hour – an announcement!  We must have ears to hear!  It is the Sound of the Lord:  Prayer, Praise, & Prophecy!  It is our inheritance!   “One choice from YOUR destiny!”  
Several times in the Bible we read this phrase:  “to those who have ears to hear…”  If the Lord is beckoning us to have “ears to hear” then He surely has something He desires for His Bride to hear!  What He desires for His Bride to Pray; His Bride to Praise; & His Bride to Prophesy!    
Are you yearning to hear the sound of the Lord and what He is saying to YOU; to His Bride?  You won’t want to miss this conference:   “The Sound of the Lord”
Location:  12310 Lorraine St, Anchorage, AK (about 2 miles up Huffman Rd. on the left).  
This PTH Conference will be held in Trinity Presbyterian Church.
Doors open for registration at 6:30 PM, Thursday, April 24, 2014.  
7:00 PM – Thursday, Friday, & Saturday:  
Worship & Keynote speaker:  Nancy Haney
8:30 AM Morning Prayer: 
Friday – Nancy Haney
Saturday – Sarah Tarter
Workshop Schedule (TBA): 
Friday & Saturday Workshops: 10:30, 1:30, & 3:30:
The Sound of God’s Righteousness in You
The Sound of God’s Guiding Us by Faith
The Sound of God’s Love Poured into Our Hearts
The Sound of God’s Right Standing
The Sound of God Persuading Us to Devotion
The Sound of God’s Abundance in All Things
The Sound of God’s Restoration and Fulfilling Your Every Need
The Sound of God’s Mind in You
The Sound of God’s Assurance in His Present Love
The Sound of God’s Triumph in All Things
The Sound of God’s Peace that Rules My Heart
The Sound of Worship in Dance
We look forward to seeing you!  
Sarah Tarter,
PTH Prayer Facilitator
Conference details, contacts, and maps available on website:
Please, feel free to share this announcement with your friends, churches, etc.  Let the sound be heard!  
All are welcomed!  

© Point to Hope Ministries

North Georgia Ministry 2014


The message that Nancy and Point to Hope Ministries is bringing in this hour is a word of power that must be received, pondered, and embraced.  The message is “Listen to the Sound…” with a new definition of Listen:  Prayer, Praise and Prophecy have come into a new dimension for many.

A favorite statement of Nancy’s is “I am one choice away from my destiny.”  Many are leaving the meetings with the light of the Lord on their faces, and countenances changed with restoration, renewal and hope.  They are being reinforced in their faith.  The reports are that new alliances are being made and old ones strengthened as Nancy ministers throughout the North Georgia area.

Nancy is ministering hope and power to many people. 
–  Many pastors are traveling long distances to hear the message.  Their responses have been oohing, awing and much repentance.  Many invitations to new churches have come from these meetings.
–  This word of the Lord has brought major transformation in all who are hearing it, especially the men.  This is a message of absolute restoration of hope, and many are being revived.  One young man said his life will never be the same.
–  Several people testified about how they had been ministered to during Nancy’s last visit.  A young woman followed Nancy out of a meeting to tell her how the word she had been given last year carried her through the year.  Whenever she was having a hard time and thinking of giving up, she thought of that word and it kept her on track. 
–  Nancy ministered peace and joy to a young woman who lost her husband only 3 weeks before.  She had come into the meeting with death on her face and left with hope, with the evidence of a testimony and a changed countenance.  Another woman who lost her husband a year ago was encouraged and left with a bright face.
–  One woman left a meeting with the message of our inheritance on her mind and heart.  She pondered and researched and listened to the Lord as He took it deeper into her heart.  Then the next night she came forward, out of her comfort zone, to testify about what the Lord was teaching her. 

Timely words have been delivered to many to bring encouragement and help them continue the journey.

If you remember, in January Becky Heinsley of Georgia had several severe strokes.  Becky has been involved in helping and supporting PTH in the North Georgia area.  We visited her a second time this week and saw significant improvement as we prayed with her and sang songs of praise.  God is working to heal and restore her and we give thanks and praise.

So many of you have been praying, encouraging, and supporting us during this ministry, and we want you to know that we are full of thanksgiving.  We declare that we sense the prayers of protection and the prayers of an open heaven in every meeting. 

Many positive words have been coming out of these meetings.  But one word has come in the midnight hour from Ohio which is for Nancy to “watch her steps.”  We have gone into the enemy’s camps and have taken back what the enemy has stolen.  Please keep Nancy in prayer that God will continue to order her footsteps.  Thank you for your prayers!  They are effective!  Please continue to intercede, as we still have one more week of ministry.

Specific prayer targets for the team (Nancy, Debbie Grimes, Lillian Garrett, and Karen Lequire): 
– Strength to sustain us, not letting down as the end approaches, but finishing stronger than we began.
– Power from the Holy Spirit to minister effectively.
– Health
– Safety and protection
– That our families will be covered.
– And above all, safe traveling mercies and prayer coverage as we travel back home and acclimate back into our homes and responsibilities.

Without your prayers this ministry would not be able to accomplish the plans of the Lord.  Thank you for your faithfulness and joining in this work of the Lord.

Love and blessings,
Nancy and the Georgia Team

© Point to Hope Ministries

PTH: Weather …

Jan. 27, 2014

Dear Intercessors,

Just a quick heads-up!  Nancy said the forecast is showing severe weather (Tuesday and Wednesday) in areas they, and others will be traveling.  The meetings are “still on” but your prayers will be greatly appreciated for safety and protection on the roads for all.

Also, I just received a note regarding Becky.  She is home now,  but has a road to recovery ahead of her.  Please pray for God’s mercy, grace, supernatural strength, and accelerated healing to her whole being.  If you recall, Becky had a stroke several weeks ago. 

The ministry is going extremely well!  Extremely well is not very descriptive, but God is doing awesome things in individual lives!  Glory to God!  Thank you for your continued prayers over PTH.  Please continue to pray for Nancy, Ute, Rose, Mary D, Valeria, Ken & Diane, Lorraine, Lillian, and the many other servants / intercessors / helping hands who are so faithful to help PTH function effectively.  Those are the ones currently on location. Please be gracious if there be any I’ve missed ….

Some of the workshops are now on the website, as well as Nancy’s Thursday and Saturday night message from the recent PTH Conference. – click on the “PTH Audio Blog”.  The PTH ministry schedule is also up-to-date under “events”.

Blessings to All,

Sarah Tarter,
PTH Prayer Facilitator

© Point to Hope Ministries

Checking In

I just wanted to give you an update on the ministry in Georgia so far.  Ministry to victims of rape, physical and mental impairments and illnesses, financial lack, employment issues, relationship issues, church issues, spiritual disappointments, and lack thereof… Partnering with the laborers for the Kingdom of God in this area has been hugely successful.  The messages I have had the opportunity to share have been well RECEIVED!  Everyone is trying to listen to the sound and taking their passion for God seriously.  Yes, God wants our dedication and passion!

Evelyn Glass’s eldest brother went to be with the Lord (unexpectedly) this past week, and Evelyn is with her family now, ministering to them.  Her brother and family all love the Lord!  Please join me in continuing to pray for the family and especially Evelyn in this time of loss.

Also our assistant director for PTH in northern Georgia, Becky Heinsley, had 2 severe strokes the first part of this week.  She didn’t open her eyes for 4 days, but she is now responding and knew me when I prayed for her.  We conveyed “I love you” and clearly understood each other!  Please keep Becky lifted up as there is still much swelling in her brain, so they have not been able to assess the damage thus far.  I am praying and thanking the Lord.  God will heal her as he has so many of us!  Amen!

We will be heading into conference time beginning next Wednesday.  All our leaders and speakers are getting ready to head this way.  Please be lifting them up, as well as their families, traveling mercies, and the purposes and successes for the ministry God has called us to!  I think the only problem we are going to have at this conference is Room; good problem I think… Praise the Lord!

The ministry thus far has been well paced and has allowed me to continue in my full recovery from this winter’s illness!  I’m doing very well and every day I’m stronger and stronger!  I attribute it to your faithful prayers and all to the Glory of God!  Thank you so much.  Please know you are tucked in my heart and I’m lifting you up in my prayers daily.

God bless and keep safe.

Love ya, Nancy

© Point to Hope Ministries