Thank you & Canada … Now is the time!

March 4, 2015

Dear Point To Hope Friends,

On behalf of the PTH team, I want to extend a sincere “Thank You” for you prayer coverage over the ministry in Georgia and South Carolina (Jan / Feb.)  Nancy and the team is now back in Alaska with awesome, faith-building testimonies of the power of the Lord.

Nancy had several individuals come back to her with prophesies they had received from past PTH ministries and shared how the Lord fulfilled every word spoken over them:  Personal healings, family prodigal (s) returning home, families back on the straight and narrow path.  Part of the message the Lord gave Nancy was to release the Lord’s Favor over the people.  Wow!  All I can say is there was much evidence of God’s favor:  simple to profound.  Favor in restaurants – being told it’s closed and no way a large group will be served … they were served and with much favor;  favor in car rentals – upon arriving to return a car “FULL” of luggage, the car rental attendant actually chased down the customer who had gone to retrieve a luggage cart(s), and offered to drive them right to their airline – FAVOR!  Report of favor at work, home, etc.  God’s Favor – His idea!

Nancy said she could just sense God’s power was moving in a new way!  God’s Redemptive Rest (this year’s PTH conference theme) is proving to be exceedingly abundant!  Not necessarily easy circumstances, per se, yet God’s Rest has been evident in so many testimonies.  Many were so very encouraged by the message and literally felt they had a new lease on life, many “ears to hear” – wide opened to what God had for them.

Again, thank you for your faithful prayer coverage over the team.  They experienced great traveling mercies, provision for God’s plans, and all were and are healthy!

NOW:  Canada

On Friday, Nancy and myself (Sarah) will be traveling from Alaska to Fort St. Johns, BC.  Nancy has been invited to minister in churches, hold prayer meetings, a 3 day conference, and travel into 3 surrounding villages (8 days).  The Lord has given Nancy words through the years regarding Canada, and He is saying NOW is the time to put the soles of feet to the land once again.

Please be in prayer for Canada … our neighbors!   “Love our neighbors as ourselves.”  🙂   We can’t thank you enough for the prayers!  A ministry without prayer is like a car without fuel!  Just doesn’t run!

If you get scriptures, words, visions / dreams, please do not hesitate to e-mail  (see website for event details and contact information.  We are grateful for your insight.

Sarah Tarter
PTH Prayer Facilitator