Letter from Nancy Haney: Holy Spirit Power – Agreement!


Dear Friends,

The Holy Spirit Encounter conference in Georgia this last week was a most powerful time with the Lord.  Lives were transformed, hearts healed, new revelation from Him and testimonies of greater commitment.
While we were involved at the conference, it was as though we were in a “corporate bubble” of the Holy Spirit’s sweet and convicting presence. We were enveloped in the anointing of the Holy Spirit with timely messages and workshops from the Word for 2015.  We were surrounded by the love of believers with the same language and heart.  It was a time of both corporate and individual enlightenment by the Spirit.  Truly a Holy Spirit Encounter!
The conference may be over, but not the illumination,  impartation and activation.   There were  both old and new relationships established in the Lord!  Most have returned home by now – “re-entry” time.  And this can be a challenge!  Many feel they are on their own.  In fact, sometimes, it seems satan meets us at the door.  We are back in the fray.  Just like soldiers,  we have come home from war.  We have been convicted unto righteousness.  Some of us won’t be accepted with what we have learned and how we have been transformed; even more, not honored for the renewed Spirit within us.  The battle for a soldier can be more demanding at home.  Some don’t understand what has happened to us.  This is where the enemy seems to have a “hey-day.”  And questions arise …”Have I really changed?  Am I really healed?  Do I really have favor?  Can it really be new beginnings?  Hope Unshakable?  I’m sure you could pose some questions in there, too.

Still, let me assure you!   We may think or feel we are alone, but as brothers and sisters in Christ remember His promise:  “The Lord NEVER leaves us nor forsakes us” (Heb 13:5,6 ).  So,  just as He has never left us, let us be diligent to be praying, communicating with others, and personally be in prayer to help us guard our hearts in Him!

I am exhorting all of us!  Be remembering each other and be lifting each other up in “Prayers of Agreement,”  in Jesus’ name.

Yes, this is a year of New Beginnings.  We can’t return to our old ways;  We shall cooperate willingly with the Spirit.  God has already caused a shift and we are encouraged to walk by His Word; The light unto our path (Ps 119:105).

Basically, the conference provided a platform for the Holy Spirit to teach us much!  Now is the time to press in and let God mature us and seal that great grace, revelation and illumination of His Word.

We will be challenged, tested, and affirmed in all that the Holy Spirit has equipped us with.  We must move forward as our minds have been transformed and renewed.  So it’s time to put into practice what we’ve learned.  We are not  just convinced, but convicted as was brought out by the Holy Spirit in the conference.  And so, our journey has started in “Sonship and Agreement,” Amen!

Lets us pray a prayer of agreement for all those who attended the War Cry! God’s Redemptive Rest Conference in Georgia last weekend.    Praying and declaring HIS Word:  Raise the hedge of protection (Job 1:9), declare the bulwark (Ps. 91:4), set the wall of fire about us (Zech. 2:5), asking God to give ministering angels charge as we walk through His assignments (Matt. 4:11).  Pray that we continue to walk under that corporate anointing of the protection of the Holy Spirit as we commune with Him (Jo 6:53-58).  The Lord promised an impartation to His favor.
We are still in Georgia as the ministry continues in Macon, then South Carolina and Northern Georgia.  We ask that you all would partner with us in prayer as we move forward in God’s will.
Your prayers are so appreciated!  Prayers for the intercessors, places we are going, open ears and hearts to receive HIM…for Lisa McDonald, Debbie Grimes, Ute Looney and myself, Nancy Haney!   Pray for the Host and Hostess to be blessed along the way (listed on website) …Thank you so much1

Please know you are held close to my heart and in my prayers!
May you be BLESSED BY GOD!

Love & Sincere Appreciation to All!