Jericho – The Walls DID Come Tumbling Down! (Note from Deb. Anderes)

Dear Friends,

Jericho – The Walls DID Come Tumbling Down!
Everything worked just like God had said it would. When Joshua heard the horns blow on the seventh day, he knew that it was time for the people to shout so he called out, “Shout because God has given you the city!  Joshua 6:16


Now I’m not sure if you caught that, but walls are coming down!
God is shouting down our walls.   
The WAR CRY is being sounded. The War Cry of PRAYER!
Liz Stinson posted an update for the Anchorage Conference this upcoming weekend for April 23 -25.  And just like she said, “Shout because God has given us this city!“

I am excited as our theme for 2015 is “War Cry:  God’s Redemptive Rest!”  … And how do we find rest?  Prayer is the beginning.
As you know, Prayer is the greatest War Cry before the walls can come down.  I am asking you to join me in prayer as God prepares us all for this conference.  I also request increased prayer for Nancy Haney, who stands as Joshua, the commander of the Army of Point to Hope Ministries.  She has gone through much testing and tribulation with great loss in her family these past few months.  Please help me stand as we march with prayer to cover and hedge in her and her family.  Please pray with us as we ask God to place her with:
·         Armor
·         The Mind of Christ
·         A Shield on her heart
·         Strength to do what God has asked her to do in this hour
·         Strength in her physical, emotional, and spiritual being.
Prayer is releasing the power of God … Prayer is asking God to do what we cannot do.
Thank you and God bless each and every one of you! 
Love and prayers,
Debbie Anderes
Ketchikan Assistant Director