China, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Seoul, Russia, & … Israel

July 5, 2015

Dear Friends,

Why so many countries?? … and still more nations in the future!  Nancy believes it is God’s desire to give nations an open door to return to Him and bring His order, His Glory, and turn hearts to Jesus Christ.  She often wonders how many others have been asked to go before her?  Truly, there are many who have also gone before and will surely follow and pray and declare God’s Word in the way He directs.   Still, for now, the Lord has put a mandate on Nancy / Point To Hope, just as He has called others to do His bidding.

The mandate is simply this:  To go to the Eastern Gate / side of each parliament building in each nations’ capitol and listed in His Word are 21 characteristic of a hypocrite (Matt. 23:2-33 & 2 Tim. 3:2-5).  As a prophetic act, a little chain with 21 links is broken after repenting for the sins and declaring God’s glory return once again (Ez. 43:4);  Then, a little red (for the blood) ribbon trimmed with gold (God’s glory) is saturated with oil (anointing of the Holy Spirit), a heart (representing God’s heart for the nation), and a dime (10 for testimony – testimony of Jesus Christ)… these emblems are left at the parliament – typically around a tree if possible.  Additionally, prayers of blessing and provision are offered for the governmental leaders of the nations; prayers that there ears, eyes, and hearts would be open to receive the goodness that that Lord has for them as a nation.  Prays of reconciliation among themselves, other countries, but more importantly, reconciliation to the ONE who gave His life for each one as an individual.  Prayers that the leaders would “raise the war cry” for God and that their country would prosper according to the Word of God and His lovingkindness would be accepted.

The Bible is full of accounts of both simple and profound individuals who simply said “yes” to the Lord and God was able to move mountains; raise nations and defeat nations!  You also have said “yes” and He is working His might and power through your prayers to fulfill His plans and purposes for ALL His people – nation by nation, and one heart at a time.

                         Thank you!

Beijing, China (June 10th):
Three of our friends from Hong Kong joined us when we flew to Beijing.  It was an amazing day.  This may seem simple, but the temperature were very pleasant – an unusually cool day for June…. a supernatural day!  We walked along the Eastern Gate of the Parliament building.  It was closed up pretty tight.  However, after we had finished praying, the gates opened before our eyes.  One of the things we found was a large button and the Lord said, He was going to be “pushing some buttons.”  The next day in the Hong Kong news, one of China’s high ranking governmental officials was exposed for corruption.

Beijing Cap

I also wanted to mention, the previous day, we prayed at Tiananmen Square, also known as “Gate of Heavenly Peace.  After we lifted prayers of repentance and declaration, the skies started rolling with a gentle thunder and light “showers of blessings” began to fall!  

It was awesome to collaborate with our Hong Kong friends from Aglow (Alice, Virginia, & Jane).  Together, we took God’s Word and declared it for all of China…. you were right there with us!

Also, before leaving Alaska (in May), the Lord gave Nancy a word regarding China:
I’m (meaning the Lord) going to make changes:
– There will be a day when you will not need a VISA to enter China (picture of entry from the South).
– Changes from the old to the new
– hearts are going to be changed (officials / gov.)

Also, years ago, He told Nancy China will be one of the greatest evangelical nations spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ …. that is coming to pass!  They distribute an enormous amount of Christian materials and are reaching out to many people, particularly Muslims, in great numbers.

Also, regarding the VISAs … back in early June, I think I asked for prayer because we had to apply for a Chinese VISA as soon as we arrived in Hong Kong and didn’t have much time for processing … thus praying for favor and we would be allowed access.  Well, I am happy to share this report:  When we got our passports back, I have been a given 10 year VISA for China, and Nancy a 1 year (only 1 year because her passport is about to expire).  However, she can receive a ten year VISA with a renewed passport.  Praise God!

Manila, Philippines (June 18th):


Posted at the entrance:  “Show your ID” … Well, all I can say is, Nancy just had to sign what looked like a guest book and we had access to the Senate of the Philippines to pray.  In addition to repenting for the 21 sins, the Lord had given Nancy some specific things to pray for the Philippines when we went to this embassy in DC last December.   One of the things we saw in DC was old newspapers.  Guess what we saw on this day?  An old newspaper; And, it was as if it was being read by the wind with its full length pages gently turning.  Another word the Lord had given Nancy in DC was that the “side door” was always used.  Yes, there was a main entrance at this parliament, but it was the side gate that seemed to be opening and shutting.    

One of the things the Lord showed Nancy to pray (while in DC/embassy) was to free this nation of a victim mentality.  Well, it was evident in the cast system, but it was also evident that the Lord is bringing this people group out of this mentality and breaking the cast! 

Canberra, Australia (June 22):

Australia       Australia cap

Time to apply all layers of clothing!  Temperature was chilly but the grass was still being mowed in winter!   This parliament was immaculate and massive … well groomed.  We took an early morning four hour train prayer journey from Sidney to Canberra.  Again, we prayed and repented for the 21 sins found in 2 Tim. 3:2-5 & Matt. 23:2-33.   It may seem the same:  a 21 link chain, a gold lined red ribbon, anointing oil, a little heart symbol, and a dime (for testimony) … but the Word of the Lord is alive and active … fresh and new every day.

As soon as we finished praying, two exterminators emerged from the woods like clock work!  A declaration and sign to Australia that the Lord will contend / exterminate things going the “wrong way”.  

Australia exterminators

Also a sign to us, was a large square button found … how many buttons show up at parliaments?  Remember, we also found a button in Beijing (China).

Here is another note worthy of reporting as I think it will encourage you to know your prayers are effective.  After finishing at the parliament, we had about 6 hours to kill and it was pretty windy and cold.  Nancy’s cell phone rang …. which that has not happened since leaving Alaska.  So, it rang but the question was to answer or not –  considering the charges.  Nancy answered and it was the airlines saying our evening flight back to Sidney was cancelled – could we come for an earlier or later flight?  (We had taken the train from Sydney to Wellington and we were returning via plane).   We opted for earlier flight.  From the airport in Sydney, we were able to easily hop on the subway train and within a couple stops, see a few familiar sights which Australia is known for:  The Sydney Opera House & the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  Thank you for your intercession that paved the way for the day’s journey and God’s favor.

I also wanted to quickly mention, we had the opportunity to attend a Hillsong Church service on a Sunday evening.  It was awesome to worship with other believers, but I think a highlight for both Nancy and I was our Muslim taxi driver.  It was about an hour drive, oneway, and he was willing to wait for us until the service ended.  Let me just say this:  He got an earful of the goodness of Jesus Christ as one’s best friend.  He asked the right questions and we could tell the answers left much room for him to ponder.  And, Hillsong, as a church, gives out new bibles to visitors …. so guess who got a new bible?  Please continue to pray for our new friend, our Muslim taxi driver.

Wellington, New Zealand (June 23rd):
The Lord did say this 2015 year theme is: Raise the War Cry!: Redemptive Rest!   “Seals … as in Christian Seals / Christian Creed” …. Seems like a silly picture, but not when the Word of the Lord sheds light:   “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty” (1 Cor. 1:27 / KJV).  We found this “little” seal fast asleep on the shores of New Zealand – amid the hustle and bustle of human-kind surrounding it – the “parking lot” was not its permanent home.  Still, this seal found redemptive rest and peace regardless its war-like surroundings of cars and people. …  Likewise, our “parking lot” is not this earth … “But our homeland is in heaven” (Phil. 3:20a).  This was not our purpose in New Zealand, but was a pleasant reminder of the PTH theme this year about the “Navy SEALs / Christian Seal”.  You could say this “little seal” was a neighbor of our dear friend, Annie Cox (a long standing friend to many Alaskans whom returned to her homeland of New Zealand).  Annie flew to Wellington (capitol of NZ) and prayed at the parliament with Nancy and I.

seal resting    New Zealand

Annie shared that last year (2014) marked the 200th year since Samuel Marsden introduced Christianity to New Zealand.  Now, 201 years later, we stood at the Eastern Gate of the parliament and repented, declared God’s Word, and petitioned for restoration and revival for the people of New Zealand.  It was chilly, slightly windy and rainy, but the Spirit of the Lord burned fervently!

And, Annie offered an open invitation for Point To Hope to return to New Zealand.

Seoul, South Korea (June 28th):
Wow!  I think S. Korea was both Nancy and my “favorite” parliament.  We were there on a Sunday, so we had the whole place to ourselves … at least the outer courts!  First glimpse was amazing … a large concrete building, yet in the foreground, stood a seemingly out-of-place sculpture of a tree … from a distance, it looked like a “Fruit of the Spirit” tree. 

S.Korea fruit tree     N.Korea free

We also visited South Korea’s Observatory.  It was as close as we could get to the border of North Korea to pray.  North Korea can be seen in the distance.  It is no coincidence that the word “free” is labeled on the view finder!  Nancy prayed blessings on both North and South Korea; Healing and reconciliation – with one another and with the Lord.  And that one day, it will be a country of “Korea”.   (A few days prior, Debbie A., from Ketchikan also sent a verse from Joshua 6:16, “Shout, for the Lord has given you Korea.”    Nancy heard the Lord say, “Enough is enough!” The fear of constant thread will be no more;  There will be a day when those in N. Korea will flood into S. Korea because communism will be no more…. there is a mother’s heart of God for her nation and she is calling out restore, restore, restore what the canker worm has eaten.  The walls are coming down, prepare for battle as it will be humbling and hard for both; give and take.  

Here is a photo of Nancy and our taxi driver who took us to the parliament in South Korea.  I know many of you had been praying for our transportation to the parliament because we had quite a distance to our destination and an need of an English speaking driver.   When he said he spoke “a little English” he was right.  And, I might also add, speaking doesn’t necessarily mean understanding;  He did smile a lot and was very pleasant and professional.

So, why include this picture?  We don’t know his name and odds of meeting him again are probably a big zero.  However, I couldn’t help wonder if he realized he was compelled by the Holy Spirit on this day!  He didn’t just “give us a ride” … he transported God’s plans and purposes on this warm June 28th day in the year 2015!  You wonder if your prayers are effective … necessary?  I am sure there are days in your own prayer closet when you wonder if you are “hitting the mark,” etc.  I’m guessing you did not hear first hand from God the places the Lord has called Nancy to.  Still, you are compelled by the Spirit of the Lord to intercede, regardless of what you know or don’t know; or understand.  Perhaps Noah’s family was in the same boat???  As far as I can tell, Noah was the only one who actually heard God say “make for yourself, an ark” (Gen. 6:14); And a 3-decker ark, no less – BIG PLANS in store.  As far fetched as it may have seemed to Noah’s family,  they helped build the ark to transport God’s plans for mankind; You, also, through prayer, are building an ark for HIS presence of mankind.  Seems far-fetched, but not so!! HIS word never returns void.  Thus, whether our taxi driver knew or felt any accomplishment of his day … there was an accomplishment in the spirit realm for South Korea… and North Korea.

S.Korea -driver

Moscow, Russia (June 30th):
I know many of you have inquired specifically about Russia.  If you remember the word the Lord gave Nancy when we were at the Russian embassy in Washington, DC (back in Dec. 2014) – there was going to be  “wreck … a shattering”; don’t know what that means, but that is what the Lord told Nancy (last Dec.).   We connected with our tour guide (which was required for us to even have entrance into Russia.)  She was 28 years old and had been hired to provide us with Russian history around the Red Square area and Saint Basil’s Cathedral.  The parliament building was a few blocks away.  Our guide was amazed that we wanted to go there and quickly warned us we would not be permitted in.  No problem!  I don’t think we have been permitted in a foreign parliament yet, other than a few in the Scandinavian countries.  We just needed the Easter side and the Word of God … and that we had.  I think our guide was not so sure what to think, but she was included in our declaration as a Russian citizen.  The Power of Agreement!  

Again, when we were in DC at the embassy, the Lord showed Nancy there are good Christians in Russia – please continue to pray for them.  

I think Nancy and I had the same impression regarding our visit to Moscow.  You know how it is on those days when you just feel like you are “getting by” and going through mundane things in life – like a “coldness;” kind of a “self” attitude …. that’s the feeling we had, spiritually speaking.  
russia           St Basil's Catherderal

Israel (July 1-15th):
Now in Israel, trying to catch up a little from back to back long flights, etc.  Yet, there is much to do and we really covet your prayer coverage for God’s perfect plan for what He desires to be fulfilled in this time and season for Israel.   We will at some point, go to the City of David in Jerusalem (that may entail a few days); also, some various sites of David (as a young warrior), perhaps Bethlehem, as well as some other areas around Tel Aviv like the Port of Jaffa (a good reminder not to be a Jonah … don’t be a runner – be a “forerunner”.   However, we know there is more, but right now, it is a need to know basis for all of us.  Thus, please continue to uphold us in prayer.  

July 16th … Washington, DC; Capitol Building & White House (Day trip).  
We were asked the same question from people in several countries …. What is wrong with your country (meaning America)???  And, we heard many times over:  “There’s no hope for America”!

After we had finished our prayer at the parliament in Canberra, Australia, the Lord told Nancy this:  “Your country (meaning America) is being cursed from every direction; Words spoken as if they are so.  You know what you have to do?   Nancy’s reply, “Go back to my capitol and pray for my country and its governing leaders.”

No better time than the present:  Nancy and I arrive back in America on July 15th.  Early morning of the 16th, we will fly to DC for a quick day trip to fulfill the Lord’s request.  Praise God,  for the ‘day of rest’ in our schedule that permitted time to do this day trip (the 16th of July . 16= God’s Love) …  Again, this is the year of Raise the War Cry: God’s Redemptive Rest! 

Blessings to all and again, thank you for you precious prayer coverage.  Again, my apologies for the time span from the last report, but we’ve literally been in and out of meetings, parliaments, train stations, and airports.  

Please don’t hesitate to e-mail if the Lord shows you anything:  dream / vision, scripture, etc.  We are in this together!

Sarah Tarter
PTH Prayer Facilitator
S.Korea wings