“High 5”; India to Hong Kong

RE:  Departing India … Unto Hong Kong / China (June 1, 2015)

Greetings PTH Friends & Intercessors!
     Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “Talk to the hand!”  Typically, it is not a gesture one would be excited about! … believe me, as a special education teacher – I’ve encountered that signal before!  However, on this occasion with the language barrier, we were very happy to “talk to the hand.”  Our scheduled flight to leave Lucknow, India was 2:00 PM (Monday), and we were not leaving the residence of our stay until noon.  In the back of my mind I was having flashbacks of the ticket counter and security process from last time we departed India – not the fastest train on the track. 
     In many foreign countries, people are not permitted enter the airport without documentation of a ticket, so you can imagine the relief when in transit, Pastor Tony announced he had made a phone call to his friend at the airport to help us with our luggage and the ticketing process.  All I can say is … that was the favor of God!  Otherwise, Nancy and I would still be standing out in the Indian heat … Real live Baked Alaskan!  I was glad for the communication to “Talk to the hand” – letting us know to go or stay – move here or wait there …. The last “talk to the hand” message – “High Five!” was a sign of thank you! And a sign from the Lord … “HIGH FIVE: … (help from on high … #5 for grace).
     So, here we are in Hong Kong.  Like India, what a blessing to be reunited with some very dear and precious friends!  First on the schedule (yesterday), was a gathering of Aglow Leadership.  Wow, it was awesome to see the spiritual maturity in all the ladies; And a hunger for so much more.  We also had the privilege of meeting some Taiwanese people: Two Pastors (husband and wife) and another gal were in attendance as a new Aglow is about to be launched in Taiwan. 

HK Aglow training      The Aglow Leadership did a great job setting the stage for the day!  Warriors – rise up and be strong in the Lord!  Know who you are in Christ!  Recognize you are called and are mighty leaders.  Alice, (the Aglow National President of HK/China & Asia Regional Chairman) … and …super mom / happy wife, gave a great introduction to set the stage for the teaching the Lord gave Nancy about being positioned for destiny.
     Prerequisite for destiny: “What’s in your cup?” (Explained in the last PTH report).   A sign of a good and ready leader means evaluating one’s heart so as not to be walking in unforgiveness or bitterness.   Furthermore, being conscious about what you are meditating on.  What thoughts are you entertaining?  Thinking on “Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute?” (Phil. 4:8a).  OR is the meditation of the heart murmuring, complaining, offended, etc.?  “Bad company corrupts good character” (1 Cor. 15:33a)…. not only “people” company, but also the company kept in thoughts.  What do we meditating on?  A Godly leader meditates on the Word of God.  
     I love the lyrics of the an old secular song “Accentuate the Positive”.  One line says:  “Don’t mess with Mr. In-between.”  If we waiver in our thoughts and who we are in Christ, that leaves an invitation to the enemy … that “unsure / in between” place – and the enemy is more than willing to cast the negative and negate the positive …. Thus, we do have to accentuate the positive – standing firm on who God is and who we are in Christ.
     For the sake of time, I’ll share “my notes” from Nancy’s teaching regarding positioning leaders for destiny.

4 Keys To Your Destiny:  
1) Let It Go
      A good leader –  Let’s it go:  get over your offenses, etc.  Get over yourself – it is not about you!  The Lord is doing a new thing – a “New Birthing” in this hour and sometimes we just have to “Let it Go” so God can work.  Is there something we are holding so tightly that it doesn’t give God room to put the “new” in our hands?”  A Key word in “letting go”  is “renounce”.  Sometimes, old things creep in – again, and we need to renounce them in the name of Jesus; even if it is daily!  Renounce it to completion … Letting go requires action on our part: renouncing is action!
2) Get Ready
     “Gird up the loins of your mind” (1 Peter 1:13a / NKJV); “Get yourself ready!” (Jer. 1:17 / NIV).  Again – requiring action from us!  We must do our part.  Where is our focus?  On Jesus? … the Author and Finisher!  A good leaders keeps their eyes focused on Jesus – regardless the situation or issue at hand … not fixing on the distractions!
     One of the ways the Lord helps us individually to prepare / “to get ready” is through prophetic words.  I have been in countless gatherings where the spirit of prophesy is active and I get so excited when people receive a prophetic word because I, myself have been there.  And, having been there, I also know there is an active part required from us in order for the prophetic word to come to fruition.  I know many of you know  what I am talking about!  
     Years ago, I received a prophetic word about an anointing for music, writing and recording songs, traveling the world, etc.  Keep in mind, this was at a time when “my world” consisted of going to work and going home; I knew a few basic chords on the guitar but definitely didn’t play it.  Quite frankly, I didn’t even know the difference in the strings, other than the obvious.  Plus, I had never written a song in my life!  Get the picture!  This was a word declaring what the Lord had in store for me … but I had to do my part to “get myself ready”!
     I had a choice:  I could have waited around and reiterated this prophesy to myself – just restating it – never picking up a guitar, never attempting to pick up a pen … never going out of my house … wondering when this prophesy would be fulfilled…. basically, just being excited about the “news” or idea of it.  OR, I could do this:  Acknowledge that it clearly was not manifested in me yet, still by faith and meditating on God’s Word and His leading, He would do what He said He would do.  See, the “Get Ready” part was not so much about the gifting God wanted to put in me – that was just the manifestation of time spend with Him … He gives gifts / gifting so they can be opened by others and used for His Glory.  
     I share that personal testimony because I have been in many meetings / services and heard powerful prophetic words:  prophesies of financial turn-arounds, or families reunited, vindications on the horizon, wombs opening, or for some, a spouse is in the future, etc.  This is exciting, but I also know from experience, it is not just going to ‘happen’.  We have to align ourselves with HIM.
     During the meeting, there was a “Question & Answer” time so the ladies could ask Nancy specific questions.  I personally was blessed to hear the interaction and clarity Nancy provided to the ladies.  One particular answer I found most helpful was regarding prophesies fulfilled or not fulfilled.  The Lord spoke to Nancy specifically about prophetic words and why some don’t come to pass.  He told her a couple things:  Firstly, she was just the mailman and is not responsibly for how His mail is read.  Secondly, the “get ready” part is on the receiver of the prophetic word – they have to align themselves with ME (meaning the Lord) first, and I (God) will bring to pass what I have spoken according to My plan. Furthermore, the Lord spoke to Nancy and said some words are not fulfilled because people are fixed more on the “idea” of the prophetic word rather than keeping their eyes on the ONE and aligning themselves with the ONE as He brings to pass what He said.  In other words, we can get so fixed on the “gift” and how we think it should come verses the “Giver”.
     To simplify the “Get Ready” step even more, we clearly have a part to ready ourselves, but we can also get so stuck on the way “we” think it should come to pass, and try to control what we want … the “idea” and miss what God has.
     Yes, it is possible to miss a prophetic word!  I had a great prophesy about music (not the guitar) but music.  I could have locked myself into the idea of “piano” when I received that prophesy years ago because that had always been a desire of my heart.  I also could have missed it if I had complained because I didn’t have a piano, etc.  … Hence, back to step 1… “Let It Go.”  Let it go – stay in His Word and be open to how HE will fulfill what He said.  

3)  Do The Possible
     Another key to destiny is aligning ourselves to do what we can do so that we are in position for divine appointments.  Remember the woman with issue?   Nancy reminded the ladies that the woman with issue went against the law of the land (to be out in the crowd, etc. while bleeding) to position herself to receive.  She took the possible (what she could do in the strength and knowledge she had) and positioned herself so God could do the impossible.  Another example Nancy shared was the story from Luke, chapter 5:  Friends lowered their friend down through the roof (did the possible) to position him in front of Jesus (to do the impossible).  Which leads to the last step Nancy shared.

4) Positioned for the Impossible
     Again, we have to do our part – the possible, so God can do the Impossible – His part.  Leaders – don’t be distracted!  Keep your focus on Jesus – meditate on His Word, pray and fast.  Then, God can do the impossible!

     Friends – we (whether in person or in prayer) are here in Hong Kong / China, doing the possible , along with those of you journeying with us through prayer, so that God can do the impossible through all of us – through you – His servants.  Again, thank you so much for your prayer coverage!  IT MATTERS!

HK local aglow

     Regardless the distance barrier and miles across the land and nations, know this:  The Lord is giving you His “High 5” and saying thank you saints for your mighty prayers!  

Sarah Tarter,
PTH Prayer Facilitator

Hong Kong / China Schedule:

June 4th (Thurs.) 7:00 – 10:00 PM:  Aglow Open Metting in Kowloon
June 5th (Fri.): Full Gospel Businessmen (FGB); attending “Pastor, I Love You” dinner
June 6th (Sat.)Attending FGB Lunch & Evening Banquet
June 7th & 8th (Sun/Mon):  Trip to Macau (1 hour via ferry)
June 9th-11th (Tue-Thurs): Flight to Beijing, China (capitol prayer assignment)
June 15th (Monday):  Discovery Bay – TENTATIVE