Lucknow, India / May 2015

Dear PTH Friends,

Approaching the ticket counter, I took one last glance at our ticket information and this caught my eye:  “Not available for upgrade” …. hmmm – wasn’t even thinking about an upgrade.  I was more concerned that we had only a 30 minute connection on an international flight … and sometimes it can take 30 minutes just to disembark!  But we were confident that God had written our itinerary.  When our tickets were scanned to board the plane, the machine pumped out a new ticket … “1C & 1D” …. First Class – Christ Delivers.  God’s Favor for sure, but the point is this:   “It positioned us for our connection”!  Spiritually speaking, positioning can be everything!    Regardless the “ticket(s)” man issues in life, God sovereignly moves when His people pray!

Thank you for you prayer coverage!

Nancy and I arrived in India safely … loooong flight(s), but very smooth!  However, one of Nancy’s suitcases took the looooooooooger flight plan, but eventually arrived … just in time.

The “Armor of God” Ladies Conference 2015 started Tuesday (5/26) in Lucknow, India.  I would say Nancy wasn’t feeling so hot, but that would not be entirely accurate –  she was feeling quite hot –  like Indian heat-hot.  I’m not sure what the temperature was, but it is kind of like home (in my opinion):  Alaska, cold – anything below zero is just cold.  So, whether 100 degrees or 120 degrees – it equates to heat and more heat!  Plus, the first dose of tasty Indian food was not a mutual agreement for both mine and Nancy’s system – just sayin’.  I didn’t realize I really felt bad, but let me put it this way – I was very glad to throw up!  I realize this is probably more detail than you want to read about.  However, I want you to know your prayers matter!  The combination of sleep deprivation, new foods, and probably a bug of some sort – well, what could have been a long, drawn out miserable illness was short lived!  PTH!

Back to the conference!  The ladies looked so beautiful in their colorful saris and their warm welcome was a sweet fragrance from heaven.  It was wonderful to be reunited with many familiar faces and embraces.  Regardless the language barrier, these things are universal:   smiles, hugs, “Praise the Lord” …. and “selfies”.

ladies conf 5:15 greeting


Both Nancy and I noticed such spiritual maturity in these women since the last time we were here. These women have truly grown in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord.  In writing to you, it is hard to choose what to share with you because each message / session has had something new and fresh; teachings of “back to basics,” as well as those of deeper understanding in His word.  Thus, I will pick two of my favorite teachings.  I’ll title the first teaching: “What’s in Your Cup?”.  Secondly, a message about “How To Overcome: 4 Biblical Principles WE Apply”

What’s in Your Cup?
Years ago, the Lord gave Nancy this teaching.  At the time, it was personal for her, the depth, yet simplicity of this teaching continues to be fresh manna for today.  This “cup stuff” will always be relevant regardless of what part of the world we live in, as long as we are God’s people.  Why?  Because it is a biblical principle!



Years ago, the Lord instructed Nancy to draw a picture of a cup on a piece of paper.  On the cup, she was to write the names of anyone that came to mind who hurt her.  Much to her amazement, her cup was filled to overflowing.  The Lord asked Nancy:  Do you know what this represents????  … A cup of unforgiveness and bitterness.  Overwhelmingly grieved with the revelation the Holy Spirit had revealed about the condition of her heart, Nancy quickly crumbled the paper and attempted to discard it as quickly as possible.  However, the Lord had a better way to rid unforgiveness and bitterness that she didn’t even know she was carrying in her heart.  The Lord told her to go get “her paper cup” and run it under the running water.  “…having cleansed her by the washing of water with the Word”… (Eph. 5:26b).  

Wow!  At some point in life, we have all been (or will be again) hurt or disappoint, etc.  Check and see what is in your cup!  He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow … and He desires our cups be full of freedom in Him.  Forgive others and we will be forgiven … (Matt. 6:14, etc.).  The need for forgiveness is universal teaching and always relevant!  So, draw yourself a cup! 🙂

I love God’s Word!  I love how the seemingly “old stories” of the Bible are NEVER old!  So it is with the following message the Lord gave Nancy from Numbers chapters 6 and 21.  I wish I could scribe the entire message but my hope is to give you enough of the teaching, (as I heard it) that you can pull in for yourself, the application in your own life … just as these here in India have testified.

God spoke to Moses years ago, and God is still speaking the same message today!  A message of hope and overcoming whatever you are going through / facing.  YOU can Activate these four principals in your own life:

How to Overcome: 4 Biblical Principals WE Apply”
1:  Blessing (Numbers 6:22-27)
Bless … and bless daily!  Bless your spouse, your children, your church; Your brothers and sisters in Christ.  Yes, even bless your enemies!  Consider this:  If you are not blessing, are you cursing?  Are you holding back the blessings the Lord has put in you to share with those in need?  Blessing will bring peace to your household … your heart … any storm or circumstance.  Blessings will change the atmosphere!

2: Sing to Your Well (Numbers 21: 14-17)
Verse 14 makes mention of the “Book of the Wars of the Lord.”  Don’t you know that would have been some interesting reading and strategies for war!  One of the war tactics of that time was to fill water wells with rocks, etc…. plug the well.  That might not seem like a biggie now, but if you had millions of thirsty people knocking at your door –  that’s relevant.  

Make it personal:  Our heart is like a well.  What’s in your well?  Has life’s circumstances thrown rocks in your well?  Are you discouraged?  In need of healing? Financial? Family / children? Everyday heart aches?  OR, maybe you’ve thrown rocks in your own well? Statements or the mentality of: …I can’t … I don’t have anything to offer … I’m not gifted like so & so …. Woe is me … I’ll just screw up again … Well, last time, this is what happened …  I’m being judged! … I’m not liked / loved … etc…. you get the idea.  

Whatever is clogging the wells of our hearts, the point is, we want / NEED our “wells” to spring up from within.  Here’s how, according to God’s Word:  Gather together with others and “sing to your own well” (vs. 16b-17).  Yes, sing to your well a new song of the Lord … a song of hope – not despair!  “Spring up, O well!!! Sing to it! (vs. 17b).  We have to do our part!  We may not be able to control storms but we can protect our well!

3:  Prayer (Numbers 6:1-3)
A vow!  Before Nancy even had a chance to do an in-depth study regarding “vow”,  the Lord told her it was the New Testament prayer / intercession for this hour.  Sure enough, according to the Greek, vow and prayer are basically interchangeable.  

Whether man or woman (vs.2) … set yourself apart – dedicate yourself to abstain from what you eat or drink – also known as “fasting”!  Consecrate yourself – your cause to the Lord.  Everywhere we go, the Lord is giving Nancy a charge to release to the people:  Pray & Fast; Listen to the Lord; Read His Word (you want to hear God’s voice? … Read His Word and you’ll understand His language.)  Discipline yourself … make a vow … pray!

4:  Lift Your Head (Numbers 21: 6-9)
The Scene in a Nutshell:  The people complained, gossips about their leaders / situations, murmured, etc.  The Lord had His fill and sent snakes;  Many were bitten and died as a result.  Yikes!!!  The people, reevaluated their actions / words, repented and this is what happen:  The Lord instructed Moses to make a bronze snake and set it on a standard that if anyone was bitten, they could lift their head – look at it and be healed.

Here’s the point:  The Lord did not remove the problem (snakes), but He provided a way out.  However, there was a demand, a requirement – each had to his/her part as an individual – LIFT YOUR HEAD!  Today, we get bitten in life’s circumstances – some of our own doing or not doing, complaining, etc.; Sometimes, we have no control over “life’s bites.”  Still, lift your head … “Fix your eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith … joy set before us…” (Heb. 12:2).

I encourage you to go back and read these accounts in Numbers for yourself and let the Holy Spirit take you deeper into this teaching Nancy has shared.

Nancy also shared this four key message with young men in Bible School preparing for the ministry.  It was powerful!  And I must say, before Nancy spoke, I began to play my guitar but I could hardly sing because I was just overwhelmed with the drawing of hunger in these young men!  They were so humble and thirsty for God’s Word and I know they inhaled every word the Lord had Nancy share with them. 

Bible School PastorsI hope that you will study each young man’s face because the Lord gave Nancy a powerful prophetic word over them for their nation:  That they will bring change to India!  So pray for them … through the years…. if you are willing, the Holy Spirit will prompt you to pray because the Lord will truly fulfill His Word in their lives and where He is calling them.  

Nancy and I took a little tour of the “kitchen” at the conference center to see what was on the menu for lunch.  I am “stirring” Chola – a spicy mixture of vegetables in season and beans.  Nancy took a peek at the fresh “Chapati” (Indian Tortillas).

Nancychapati Sarah lunch

I stated earlier, I had two of my favorite messages to share … I guess I lied, I have three.  I must also include this nugget the Holy Spirit gave Nancy from His Word.  Remember the blind man in John 9:1-12? … the one whom Jesus used his spit to make mud and smear over the man’s eyes.  Jesus then told him to go to Siloam and wash.  Ponder these relevant life’s lesson illuminated from this teaching:
     – Jesus did a “crazy thing” (from a human perspective)
     – And, if that wasn’t enough, Jesus gave him a directive to “go and do something on his own” … go wash (an activation of faith before seeing).
     – How many people do you think the “mud-eyed man” passed before he reached his destination?   Can you imagine some of those people reaching out to help wash the mud from the man’s eyes?  It must have been quite a sight to see a blind man with mud on his eyes?  I’m thinking, perhaps they may have also thought him to be on the crazy side.  
     – Here is the point:  Jesus gave him specific instructions to see … on the path to his healing / freedom according to God’s way, how many people wanted to “step in” and wash the mud from his face?  I can imagined it also took some self-discipline on his part to resist the help of others as “man’s way” may seem easier or at least controllable.
Don’t be distracted by what / who surrounds you when you know what God has called you to do!  Apply that to your life and watch how the Holy Spirit can move in your life – your situation.  Amen!

Keep this little guy in prayer … for the next 30+ years.   Currently, he is a little boy who is deaf and mute.  However, when Nancy prayed for him, the Holy Spirt said that when he is 34 years old, he will be speaking and preaching the gospel!  Seems like a very long road for him to “Siloam to wash,” but with God, time does not nullify His promises!

deaf:mute34 yrs  prayer:tears

Tomorrow is Sunday here in India.  Nancy will be speaking at the main Assembly of Believers Church (ABC).  Then, in the evening, she will speak at another ABC church in a surrounding town.
On Monday, we head to Hong Kong.  Please pray specifically for China – that  our VISA applications will be according to God’s will and be processed to make His divine connection(s).

Again, we can’t thank you enough for your prayer coverage. We have witnessed the power of God’s protective hedge around us; our very steps, health … not to mention the traffic pattern (and I use “pattern” very loosely)  Years ago, Nancy nicknamed the driver “Superman,” if that helps bring clarity!  Seriously, we recognize the power of your prayers!  You are with us all the way!  And we are praying for you!  We need each other!

I started this report by saying “positioning can be everything.”  Let me leave you with expression Nancy has been emphasizing:  Prayer helps position us for the possible so God can do the impossible!
Blessings to all,

Sarah Tarter,
PTH Prayer Facilitator