Ketchikan report & PTH Prayer Strategy

Dear PTH Friends,

Below, you will find two specific things:  
1) Ketchikan report from Debbie A.
2) A comprehensive prayer strategy for Point To Hope.

Here is an update regarding the “PTH Holy Spirit Encounter” conference in Ketchikan, Alaska.  His grace and mercy is never ending, and Ketchikan was blessed because of His Presence and our encounter with Him!

I just want to share a few thoughts regarding the PTH Ketchikan conference:

In my anguish I cried to the Lord,
And He answered by setting me free.
The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid.
What can man do to me?
The Lord is with me; He is my helper.
I will look in triumph on my enemies.  Psalms 118: 5-7.
This was a heart cry in Ketchikan at the PTH Conference (Sept. 24th-26th).  It was a call to those who were afraid, in need of salvation, deliverance, healing, baptism of the Holy Spirit, refreshing, encouragement, reconciliation, etc, and being set FREE.
When the Spirit of the Living God touches the life of an individual, the whole countenance of a person’s face changes … when we look up to Him, we can’t help but be changed.  You could call it a “Face Up” encounter”.

Ketchikan, we had to Face up with many issues and concerns and we have a new freedom!  We had to Face up to and return to our first Love (Rev. 2).  We had to put our Face up to see from God’s perspective in order to understand how to live in resurrection power.  Just like the song,  “God’s Not Dead … He’s Surely Alive”!   God was alive in His people over Ketchikan. Yes, becoming addicted to the purposes and presence of God… no better addiction!  Being able to see / sense Him for who He is, from every direction, in every circumstance that we are going through, causes us to grow in Him!

We all had the invitation to go to the Potter’s House and get on the Potter’s wheel  … a personal decision – Let Him shift and reshape our lives to His standard and learn to see or BEHOLD God…. whether “mature or young”.
We have two choices:  what will mold us, rule us?  Flesh or Spirit?  In Ephesians 5:15 it talks about Redeeming the time. Look circumspectly – look from every angle from God’s view.    You and I are the Sons of God.  It is time we become mature according to His standard!
What’s the difference between driving a stick shift or a standard?
With an automatic, or a standard, all you have to do is slip into “D” for drive; the gears change automatically.   A stick shift, on the other hand, takes eye, hand and foot coordination.   Spiritually speaking, let us be found according to God’s STANDARD:   God’s “G” gear!  As we shift to “G”,  He changes us automatically – His timing! … verses “self” doing the shifting when we determine – making our “own decisions in our strength.”
Psalms 27:  God’s standard tells us to Move into the Light.
God tells us, I will put you on a high rock.  I will be a sanctuary and give  Anointing power over these ones.
    I want to be one of those!   One who puts life in His standard – “G” gear … and allows Him do the driving – letting Him change me automatically, His way.   
2 Chronicles 7:14 –  IF MY people will humble themselves…
It is as if He says, “you repent and I’ll relent.”    Only mature ones can recognize this:  It isn’t a call for us to point to others to pray, but more the war inside ourselves and our circumstances that causes us to humble ourselves so we know how to Pray.    That is God’s standard.
Whether you are driving over wet lands or a dessert – God has the perfect gear!Can these dry bones live?  Resurrection power is God’s idea for us.
– Do you need to simply “let go” of some things?
– Get ready because God is waiting to / wanting to use all of us.
– Let us position ourselves to FACE UP to see His view from every angle… circumspectly.
– Move with the new and what you know, so that God can do what you don’t know  … He can and will do the impossible … when we are in His gear.
Yes, Praise the Lord, all you nations;
Extol Him, all you peoples.
For great is His love toward us, and
The faithfulness of the Lord endures forever..
Praise the Lord  Psalms 118: 1-2

Debbie Anderes,
PTH Assistant Director, Ketchikan

PTH Prayer Strategy:

A new prayer strategy for Point To Hope – for October and the unfolding of next year’s plans … I say “new” but it is actually “of old” … from Ezekiel’s era!

There will always be battles in life as long as we are in the Lord’s army, right?  God vs. evil!  Going against the grain can be challenging, no doubt!  The season upon us is the FALL season.  However, I would propose we go against the grain and declare it is a season of Rise, not fall!  Just listen to the rumbling of many voices around us these days and it is easy to hear the sound of “against the grain” of His Word.  Still, there are countless stories of wars / battles in the Bible where just a handful of His faithful defeated multitudes and armies, because of HIS strength and mighty power!  Today is no different … IF we fight using His strategic weaponry.  Though it is the fall season in the natural, through the power of prayer and declaration, it can be a supernatural season of Rise!  Rise and Siege!

Siege – “a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling the surrender of those inside.”  We are the enemy of evil! We are the military operation of the MOST HIGH and we will surround towns / buildings of situations, circumstances, disease;  We are the ones who will invade and protect the camp of the enemy … as the Holy Spirit leads….  

I have been listening to Nancy share what the Lord has been speaking to her about this next season for PTH.   I have been seeking the Lord regarding a prayer strategy for this next season and collaborating with Nancy.

Nancy has been casting vision that the Lord has given over this ministry and it is easy to see how the Lord is orchestrating something awesome; An expanse of His plans and purposes for the glory of His name! … expanding our tent pegs!   Easy to see … but the question is “How do we walk it out?” … His plans – His provision? … one prayer at a time – being very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and obedient … That’s how!  For sometime now, the Lord has given Nancy this key, this nugget:  When the Lord gives vision, He gives provision!  

Wouldn’t you agree, the Lord is continually building and refining all of us to be a beautiful bride! That is part of the provision – even if it means “uncomfortable”…getting the wrinkles out of our dress – what we are clothed in (mind sets, tradition, etc).  …  Still, we have One Hope, regardless of where we are or where we live.  Personally, this is one of the many attributes I love about PTH – that it doesn’t matter where we reside, we are all one unified part of His body.  And by now, I’m sure you’ve all noticed, the ministry of Point To Hope is not about “this ministry” … it is ALL about pointing to HOPE.  “There is one body and one Spirit – just as you were called to one HOPE” (Eph.4:4).   

Having said that, I feel like the Lord downloaded a prayer strategy from His Word that can be applied to PTH for this season and upcoming plans.  

As the Lord is expanding the tent pegs of PTH, I feel like this is a strategy to help nurture and facilitate growth for us individually, as well as PTH, and beyond, as a whole – His Body.  This is just a frame work for us to adapt as it works for us and those we labor among; to be led by the Holy Spirit.

You will notice at the bottom of this letter, specific targeted days.  You can plug your self in and partner with others.  Knowing, “you are not along” can be a great encouragement!

Here is the strategy:

In Ezekiel Chapter 4, the Lord commands Ezekiel to draw on a tablet the city of Jerusalem and then lay siege to it:  erect siege works against it, build a ramp, set up camps, use battering rams, set an iron wall, etc. And, it will be under siege, you shall besiege it!  A basic but profound prophetic act!

Simple strategy!  Here is an example:  Nancy is currently in the Ohio / W. Virginia area for the month of October.  I drew a picture of Nancy in my journal, and then sent a text to 3 people and together we laid siege (in prayer of agreement) to pull down the plans and purposes of the Lord; protection, etc., And He will RISE!  Very simple start of a strategy.

The demographics of everyday life don’t necessarily cooperate with physical proximity.  Hence, as prayer facilitator,” I want to encourage us, as His warriors, to somehow stay connected / reaching out to others in our areas:  texting, e-mail, phone, etc …. even if it is just knowing we are connected on the same day, spiritually speaking.  That is a powerful biblical principle in the Kingdom – “power of agreement.”

What is it, according to His Word, that we need to erect siege in order to pull down His plans and purposes???… personally,  meeting as a group, e-mail,….   Is it declaring siege against discord, lack of fear of the Lord, disobedience, complacency, weariness, lack of compassion / mercy, judgement, declaring HIS Word, etc. etc….    Whatever mountains or hills have been erected that “go against the grain of the Lord” …. the Word of the Lord says in Ezekiel Chapter 6, we can speak to those mountains and hills and the sword of the Lord will tear down those altars … not by our strength … by His sword – His Word!

In our siege, we are declaring His promises to RISE! … and the plans of the enemy to fall…. let us be specific – targeted because the Lord’s anointing and favor is upon His Word!

So there it is …. simple strategy!  

For your information, I have proposed the following prayer strategy table if you’d like to join in praying for PTH Ministries for the upcoming year every.   Every day is covered … “7” for complete.  

Use the weekly table below as a guideline; However it fits for your GENERAL location, and plug yourself / selves in as ONE in His body.  For example, maybe you don’t live in a northern state per se, yet you could consider yourself a “northern” part of a state:, etc.:

  Sunday:  Alaska
  Monday: Northern states / regions
  Tuesday: Outside the United States
  Wednesday: Interior states / regions
  Thursday:  Eastern states / regions
  Friday:  Southern states / regions
  Saturday:  Western states /  regions

See where your “lot” falls …..  His Word is that we pray without ceasing, so let us pray “lots”!

Here’s the deal:  There is no “wrong way” to plug yourself in to establish prayer coverage … I’m praying for His creativity and His leading for all.  I know many of you already gather for prayer, or have prayer established … I don’t want us to “reinvent the wheel” but I want to decree: “the wheels shall roll throughout His land!  Miles never have to be a barrier as we can connect with others in a variety of ways.  “Connect” is a broad term – declare it be broad!  Those He calls, He equips and I know the Lord is going to do awesome things through all!

Lastly, but extremely important:  Keep Nancy / PTH in prayer for this next season as decisions are being made (events / places of 2016) … plans / assignments for what  / when / where ….

PTH Prayer Facilitator