Ohio PTH Conference: Raise the WarCry! …(Joshua & Jonah)

October 21, 2015

Dear PTH Friends,

Tonight was the “pre-rally” gathering for the PTH Holy Spirit Encounter Conference with the theme:  Raise the War Cry:  God’s Redemptive Rest.  It is being held at:  
     Calvary Assembly of God 63849 Us Highway 50, McArthur, Ohio.  It starts Tomorrow, Oct. 22-24, 2015:  (free of charge), All welcome!!!

Thursday Doors Open 6:30 P.M. – 7:00 PM, Evening session: Nancy  Haney
Friday & Saturday:  
  Prayer 8:30 AM Workshops 9:30 A.M,1:30 & 3:30 PM;  7:00 PM Evening sessions: Nancy Haney
(check the website for more details & contacts:  www.pointtohope.org


Back to the “pre-rally” … or the “kick-off” for you sports fans!  From what I am hearing, the Holy Spirit is on the move!  Moving and shaking … why?  Simply because we are the “Salt of the earth.”  I love some of the comments I have heard from the Ketchikan PTH friends:  “We will not be shaken” – we are the shakers (the vessels for salt; our body).  We are the salt!”  His Holy Spirit in us – a savory season for those we meet.  Let us be poured out for Him.

So yes!  Time to do some “shaken’ and seasoning’ “ in Ohio.  The name “Ohio” (ohi-yo), meaning “great river.”  Well, we have a Great River of Life!  And His Spirit is ready to open the flood gates and reveal the Glory of God – Jesus Christ – the Light of the World!  Yes – this is for Ohio … it is the “season”.

Sounds awesome, but it didn’t just happen!  So many have been diligently praying for God’s will and God’s order, and now is the time!  Thank YOU for your prayers – the fruit of your prayers is going to touch lives and release a “Great River”!

prayer circle (1)  This picture (above) is a representation of what your prayers are doing over the body of Christ!  We pray and intercede for the Lord to have His way in each heart and mind of those who attend! … “Ears to hear!” Many will be coming and desiring a touch from the Holy Sprit – right where they are!  They too, can be like the one sitting in the middle because God desires each one have a personal and intimate touch from HIM!  A touch that will draw them and transform them into a greater likeness of Jesus!  

The scripture found in Joshua 24:15 says this:  “… choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…”   This may seem like a rather tough “shaking” – to pick a side!  But we also don’t want to be found in the middle … where it is “lukewarm” (Rev. 3:16) … because the next action is what I call “The Jonah Move” … gettin’ spit out of the mouth!  And, if you think about it, another word for middle is “belly” … Also a  “Jonah move” due to not choosing obedience.  Whether some feel like a Joshua or Jonah – in the end, both made the right choice!

 The picture below is the sanctuary … note the demarcation line … the “lukewarm” zone …

Tomorrow, the sanctuary will be filled with those coming for a “Holy Spirit Encounter.”  And we know, when we have an encounter with the Lord … we are never the same.  So back to my statement:  “may seem like a tough shaking” – NO … because remember, we are the salt shakers and we desire to choose whom we will serve!  The King of Kings!  Even Jonah, though spit out into “salt” water no doubt, got another chance and He chose obedience!   Let us press in to pray for those who may be in the “lukewarm” realm … the opportunity is at hand for all! … simply choose whom to serve!  God’s desire is for ALL … The same Holy Spirit power is available to all – just believe!  Amen!  

The workshop speakers will be presenting “Character of Christians” found in Romans chapter 12.  Please continue to pray for them as they deliver the message the Lord has given through His Word.

workshop sp.:OH Clay

    (Left to right)
Tim & Lisa Langfitt – “War Cry:  What is Good & Acceptable”
Tammy Gilogly – “War Cry:  Live to Love”
Mary Beth Shultz – “War Cry of the Mercy of God”
Debbie Anderes – “War Cry of Living Sacrifice”
Dee Jones – “War Cry of Grace”
Evelyn Glass – “War Cry of Many Members”
Benjamin Glass  – “War Cry:  How to Behave”
Nancy Robinette – “War Cry: Don’t Give Up”
Saebra Pauley – “War Cry of Humility
Tommy Wristen – “Renewing of the Mind”
Clay Webb – “War Cry:  Prophesy of Faith”
(not pictured) Deane Wagner – “War Cry:  Overcome Evil with Good”

Nancy Ohio

Nancy (above) will be sharing a message from the heart of God by the leading of the Holy Spirit on the theme: “Raise the War Cry – God’s Redemptive Rest! … Incredibly deep and profound truths! Yet, so simple … God’s heart is His Son, Jesus Christ … and Jesus is the Word which became flesh! A message that is not just for this weekend … it is for a life time – because Jesus is Life!…. we are his warriors!

Blessings To All!
Sarah Tarter
PTH Prayer Facilitator