Greetings, Point To Hope Family..

Family? YES!!? You were Divinely selected to connect with this loving Ministry before you
even appeared in the Flesh…Imagine that! But maybe you and I did not get aboard to serve our
Mutual FATHER until….we heard His Voice through His Beloved Daughter, Nancy Lee Haney!
Like His Call to US..THROUGH Nancy..MANY ARE STILL HEARING & Saying:”YES LORD!!!”

As Nancy has taught us, observe the NUMBERS! WHAT DO YOU HEAR IN # 8? In only
8 days, our Mighty God moved in tremendous might and power doing MUCH that His Heart
has desired to move, change and rearrange in
LIVES..individuals, pastors, other ministries
who were struggling to HEAR & KNOW TRUTH from the Father’s perspective!!All praise and Glory to
HIS NAME ! ( #8 indicates NEW BEGINNINGS!)

One of our dear Brother’s & his adorable wife lead a ministry in the County which locally
houses and serves as a stepping stone to rehabing a small number of men. For a few years now,
their facilities/ & limited staff has only permitted them to admit a maximum of 10 or less
into the program at a time. JUST before Nancy arrived in Westminister, Pastor A. sent us an
email asking for prayer. The County had offered to release the use of this OLD, UNUSED @present..
building (a JAIL) to the Ministry. The “catch”/difficulty was the WORDING on Pastors part to express the exact intents of The Ministry in an acceptable manner (to those in authority) for their approval of
the aquisition. YOU GUESSED IT; DONE DEAL!!! the glory of God, ALL 130 BEDS CAN
BE READY as soon as Pastor & supporters can RENOVATE& RESTORE THE FORMER JAIL!! Who the Son sets free is FREE INDEED!

Truly only time will reveal many victories WON during and since Point To Hope
was INVITED into scenic route, highway 11 ( N.S.E.W.) The Blue Ridge Mountains of
S.C.; our governor, Hon.Nikki Haley frequently states that “South Carolina has everything people are looking for!” Ya’ll COME! SEE FOR YOURSELVES. You will find many talking about the
“woman from Alaska who prayed for me”…or” the woman I heard who encouraged me to lay
aside my widowhood and move forward..” A CHANGED COUNTERNANCE IS THE PROOF IN

As the different teams of the South are refreshed and moving forward in new vision & purpose,we pray you were touched as you gave time to PRAY for all of us . May you move with MORE MERCY AND TRUTH than you have ever experienced as we continue to CRY OUT for our Homeland…..from the mountains to the oceans…GOD BLESS AMERICA, OUR HOME SWEET HOME! AMEN& AMEN.


PRAYER CORDINATOR for South Carolina


Praise the Lord

Glory!!!  We just finished the Elberton Aglow meeting. Great crowd folks from a cross the Upstate here. Nancy Haney did a fine job of ministry then the Holy Spirit met with us in such sweet personal presence. You could tell that God was in the house with folks staying in the afterglow until after 10 p.m. I declare over the dry bones of this house in Northeast Georgia that the wind of the Spirit is moving and LIFE is overtaking death and dryness. As Nancy ministered the rain fell and the thunder rolled outside. passion… passion…. passion

Prayer Alert

We are asking you to be praying for Lorraine Woolcock (Ellis).  She has been a powerful intercessor for many of us for many years.  

She is currently in the Soldotna Hospital, diagnosed with metastasized pancreatic cancer and has been given one week.  She is not in pain now and is very alert.  She is ready for the next step in her journey with the Lord.
We pray for Lorraine, that the Lord will touch her and heal her, whether he takes to to be with Him or divinely heals her body on earth.  We ask that she not suffer from pain, but is able to continue her ministry to her last breath.  Also pray for her family, for strength for their journey.
Thank you for your faithful prayers,
Nancy Haney
Point to Hope Ministries

We should be stronger, wiser, well watered with the word and ready to ” seize the day.”

Dear PTH intercessors.

Did not our hearts burn as the Angels of God ministered the word in Augusta and the surrounding areas.
As you know Nancy & Sarah are now in Macon GA and will be going to SC following that.
( please check PTH web page for details). We were more than blessed having them here bringing revival to our souls and spirit. We should be stronger, wiser, well watered with the word and ready to ” seize the day.”
Please continue interceding for them as they approach their last lap of the world ministry tour before their return to Alaska. ( Sarah has or will return home) keep her in prayer as she returns for the school year. Debbie Grimes will be joining Nancy. Only God can hold these ladies up during this rigorous schedule. I am still amazed at their vitality, (never once appearing weary). Please Continue prayer for Rose, Pat and anyone else suffering affliction at this time. These ladies, the team, intercessors and family members are an inspiration and testimony to the grace and wonderful works of God.
God’s blessings & love as you pray and support the work of God as it proceeds forth. Let us pray for one another continuously.
James 5:16

16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much

Lorraine Thomas
Prayer Coordinator for East Georgia.
PTH ministries.


“Capitol” J E S U S … Washington D.C. & Israel

US capitol

July 21, 2015

Dear PTH Intercessors / Friends,

Nancy and I arrived back in the USA the evening of July 15th. On the 16th, we flew early in the morning from Atlanta, GA to Washington DC for a day trip to pray for our own country.  And would you believe, we saw the darndest thing! … Jesus was at the capitol!  “Capitol Jesus!”  I wish that I had captured a picture of it, but a man had just removed Him (the life size model of Jesus) standing on the sidewalk of the capitol building and packed him in the back of his mini van.  

Now, that might sound odd and it may look like He has been removed – “Jesus left the capitol” … but I am here to tell you – NOT SO!  The Lord gave Nancy a powerful word regarding America and the “inside scoop” of what is going on within the walls of the capitol building.  I think you will be very encouraged to not lose hope for America and continue to pray mightily for the decisions our leaders are encountering.  Yes, your prayers matter!  The Lord gave Nancy a very revitalizing word about your prayers for our country and its governmental leaders.

While in D.C., we had 6 hours to prayer walk the places the Lord gave Nancy:  The White House, U.S. Treasury, U.S. Customs & Borders, IRS, FBI, Dept. of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, Capitol Building, & Supreme Court.

We walked and prayed, stopping at each targeted building.  The Capitol was much more specific.  We stood at the eastern side of the capitol and repented; Again using the emblems of the 21 link chain, oil, red ribbon trimmed with gold, a heart, a dime, and the scriptures describing the 21 characteristic of a hypocrite and the 21 things which men will do in the last days (Matt. 23:2-33 & 2 Tim. 3:2-5).   Then the outpouring! ….

The Lord showed Nancy two tables:  Each table with groups of people.  The one side was filled with lots of beautifully packaged gifts and those in front of the gifts were happily smiling, yet behind their backs they had their fingers crossed.  On the other side … no gifts, but people full of peace and a pure hearts with opened hands.  This side also was both men and women (but mostly men)…. older people – “the mature”.  Yet, this side was also full of battle wounds and bandages from heat to toe … including their backs.

Nancy’s initial thought was that the gifts were from the Lord, but it wasn’t settling right in her spirt.  When she questioned the Lord, He said the gifts are “pay offs for positions … kickbacks for personal gain.”   Those with out the gifts are those leaders who are stationed to be steadfast.  They could have left their political office long ago because of such unfairness, yet they chose to hold their post and protect and defend the nation of America.  They are chose to lay down their lives for righteousness and not personal gain … or personal gifts!  

Do your prayers matter?  The Lord said pray for these soldiers who are wounded in battle but are standing their posts because it is the right thing … the righteous thing to do!  Pray that they are strengthened and encouraged to be bold and strong!   Pray their hope and strength in renewed and refreshed!  Pray that their eyes of understanding be wide open!!!

As we were walking away from the capitol, Nancy had a vision of thousands upon thousands of fiery missiles hitting D.C., multiple missiles from every direction, but mostly from the west.   Nancy was like “Oh no!” … but the Lord said those are flaming missiles of prayers!  Wow!

Not by might, nor power, but by HIS Spirit (Zech. 4:6) …. this is not a struggle of flesh and blood but of spiritual darkness in the heavenly places (Eph. 6:12).

I was reminded of Gideon’s dilemma in Judges chapter 6.  The Lord told Gideon to “go in your strength and deliver…Have I not sent you?” (vs. 14).  Yet Gideon reminded the Lord his family was the least.  And, not only did God choose the “least” he also took the least and refined them to even fewer in number (Chap. 7).  This God of Gideon is STILL ON HIS THRONE today!  … and HE is OUR God!!!

Saints, “Gideons” … keep praying … the Lord has chosen you so that HE can demonstrate His power!  It is hard to comprehend, but Gideon’s army of a mere 300 defeated an army described with numbers  like this:  an army as numerous as locust … camels without numbers … as numerous as the sands on the seashore (Judges 6:12).  Imagine yourself standing with a few of your trusted friends and your standing against your entire city … who wins the battle?  By appearance of the world, it is not you and your friends … BUT God says it is the few whom HE has chosen to win … not because of their power – but HIS power!  And if God be for us, who can be against us? (Ro. 8:31).  Only by HIS WORD; His Spirit!  

So, be encouraged!  The Lord also told Nancy (and repeated Himself several times) “I love America!”  I don’t think He was repeating Himself because Nancy didn’t hear Him; …. she did – the first time He said it!  I think He wanted to emphasis the fact that He loves America … The nation build on the foundation of Himself!  

Stand firm at your post and pray for our leaders – for those with their hands opened AND for those with fingers crossed … because like Gideon – God will deliver!


I haven’t had a chance to send out a report about our time an Israel.  However, Nancy had been texting notes to her husband, Henry regarding our day.  Thus, I thought you might enjoy reading reports from Henry that he was sending out to some intercessors regarding our time in Israel.

Notes from Henry:  
Wednesday, July 01, 2015 11:26 AM

Nancy and Sarah arrived in Tel Aviv at 2:00 pm Israel time (3 am Alaska time – 7 pm Hong Kong time)
Passed through customs and immigration with no problems.
Driver and taxi were there to pick them up.
Flight was very “easy” 4 hours.
They expressed how much God has been pouring forth amazing favor over them through the entire time of this summer ministry.
They had dinner, walked around taking care of a few errands, and have now gone to bed for much needed rest.
FYI: Nancy did express once more, a heavy sadness for the people of Russia; no details yet but deeply heartfelt.

On Jul 2, 2015, at 12:58 AM:

Nancy and Sarah are going to be resting until the end of Shabbat (the Sabbath Day) [Saturday at Sundown]
Nancy and are asking for the intercessors to join with them in prayer for Israel and Israel’s leaders.
They are also asking for prayer that the Holy Spirit would give them revelation that they may be praying the will of God at all times!
Have been researching their travel to the Valley of Elah (David and Goliath [and much more])
On Jul 2, 2015, at 10:42 PM:

Nancy and Sarah are already beginning to catch up on their rest.  First night they slept 12 hours straight through!
Please join with me to pray for Nancy and Sarah and the battle(s) at hand in Israel.
These next few days, God is blessing Nancy and Sarah with a divine time of peace and rest so as to effectively pray and listen for His revelation,
But now is not the time for the watchmen to rest!
Rather it is the time to pray for Nancy and Sarah, that God would prepare them, filling then with an increased impartation of Holy Spirit wisdom, power and stamina, so they will be prepared as they go forth as kingdom people in Jesus name.
This is also a time that prayer should be lifted up for one another, that we would continue to be effective for the kingdom in Jesus name as watchmen and intercessors…..
And we would not grow weary of well doing during the upcoming times of prayer.
Please be aware…..All of the countries so far have been a “warm-up”.  Israel, and especially Jerusalem,  is like no other place on earth.
It is profoundly intense.  There are spirits of all manner, some are very ancient and deeply entrenched.
As watchmen of the Lord who are standing in the gap, we must be ever vigilant and spiritually sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading.
Thank you for your prayers. Blessings your brother in Christ, Henry  
On Jul 4, 2015, at 11:22 AM:

I am forwarding comments and a word from Nancy.
I am also forwarding a Liz’s e-mail with comments, and a dream.
I have not tried to interpret these.  If you sense a leading, please forward what you are seeing and hearing.
Please continue to lift up Nancy and Sarah, but also one another in prayer.  I have had three different reports of very distractive circumstances (illnesses and family issues) that are trying to get in the way of the commitment to pray.  I speak as though this were a spirit…..I believe it to be so… angry spirit of distraction attacking each one so as to weaken, bit by bit the group who are praying.  This is becoming more apparent as the Nancy and Sarah begin to minister and fulfill the call in Israel. Just as David’s mighty men (warrior’s in their own right) formed around their king to hold him up, so we shall in prayer, come around Nancy and Sarah to see God’s assignment for Israel l completed. I would say to the warriors of prayer, praise God that we are found worthy to suffer in various ways for His kingdom advancement and glory. When the enemy comes to try to distract you, lift up the name of Jesus and proclaim from the heights, if God is for me – who can be against me! and in the power of the Holy Spirit declare your victory over satan, you devil get behind me in Jesus’ name for you are getting in the way of God’s purposes!
In the days ahead …. as Nancy related earlier in the journey … pray hard, be believing, completely convinced that it is making a difference.
Amen…..your brother in Christ, Henry  
(Note from Liz) …Dear Henry,
I don’t know why,  nor do I understand some of this but (I thought I would share ).  The biblical city of Nineveh keeps coming across my plate. I do know it was s fortress (stronghold ) supposedly impenetrable but was eventually sacked. I believe there were prophecies about it in the word. I think it was accessed  and brought down by its water source.  So I thought maybe Nancy and Sarah are dealing with that kind of s stronghold Spirit in Israel.   It was also a big center of worship of Isis or Ishtar and a fish god I think.
The other thing I’d like to share us that I feel God gave me the word perseverance from the story of Elijah and Elisha. Elisha had perseverance even though Elijah tried to tell him to go – Elisha persisted in staying with Elijah and as a result got the double portion to be able to lead Gods people.  
I know that Nancy and Sarah’s perseverance in staying the course will make an eternal difference.  I so appreciate them and their sensitivity to God’s leading.  I bless them in their obedience.   I am believing that God is faithful to put all the pieces together for a sure victory.
On Jul 7, 2015, at 12:10 AM:

Please keep Nancy and Sarah in prayer for traveling mercies as they travel to the North west corner of Israel, across to Banias (Caesarea Philippi), then down to Sea of Galilee to pray at “The Church of the Primacy of St. Peter”.  This is the location where Jesus commissioned Peter to “feed my sheep”. They will then go down to the Yardenit Baptism location on the Jordan River, and finally return to Tel Aviv, traveling westward but to the north of the west bank area.
They will be near both the Lebanon border, Syria border, Jordan border, and Palestinian West Bank area. Pray Israel’s neighbors are heavily influence by God’s hand so they would be in a good mood all day today.
Blessings, Henry

On Jul 8, 2015, at 9:29 PM:
Nancy and Sarah again have had a very successful day with amazing coverage by God’s Hand.  It is very evident that the prayer team has been standing in the gap and calling upon the Lord. Nancy message was that it is going very well with VERY POWERFUL PRAYERS!!!
However the work is not completed…..again the Lord is calling upon the watchmen to press in even more…..Nancy and Sarah will be traveling from Tel aviv to Ashdod, then past Ashelon to Sderot for they have been directed to pryer at Sderot.  this town is located approximately 1 mile from the Gaza Strip.

This used to be the place in the news, where all of the missiles were aimed at coming from Gaza. None have fallen here in 2015, essentially since the end of the conflict in 2014.  There have been a few missiles that have come down in Ashkelon just north of Gaza, but Hamas, for the time being, has put a very severe restriction on any missiles being launched by anyone from Gaza. I checked this out and there could not be a safer time to be in Sderot (relatively speaking) than tomorrow, July 9, 2015. Yes, it will be intense as it was when Nancy and I visited Hebron in the West Bank 10 years ago.  However with much prayer, I believe it will go well.
Just as we were praying when they went into Red Square in Moscow….. Stealth invisibility would continue … but even more so by through the Hand of god and His covering; a hedge, a bulwark, a wall of fiery anointing surrounding them!

Be it known before all heaven…..the prayer team will be praying, we declare that God is faithful, and lift up Jesus the Messiah and His Kingdom so that they shall will be proclaimed, as Nancy and Sarah pray the borders of Israel to the Glory of God!
Set a hedge of protection, that satan cannot even see Nancy or Sarah
Job 1:9 Then Satan answered the Lord, “Does Job fear God for nothing? 10 “Have You not made a hedge about him and his house and all that he has, on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land.
Set a mighty bulwark by God’s Hand that the fiery darts of the enemy cannot cross
Ps 91:4 He will cover you with His pinions,
And under His wings you may seek refuge;
His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark.
Set a wall of fire full of anointing from heaven flowing into and outward in both Nancy and Sarah
Zech 2:5 ‘For I,’ declares the Lord, ‘will be a wall of fire around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.'”
Set songs of deliverance and shouts of victory – God lifting up the overcoming victory of His faithful daughters
Ps 32:7 You are my hiding place; You preserve me from trouble;
You surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah.
Isa 42:10 Sing to the Lord a new song,
Sing His praise from the end of the earth!
You who go down to the sea, and all that is in it.
You islands, and those who dwell on them.
11 Let the wilderness and its cities lift up their voices,
The settlements where Kedar inhabits.
Let the inhabitants of Sela sing aloud,
Let them shout for joy from the tops of the mountains.
12 Let them give glory to the Lord
And declare His praise in the coastlands.
13 The Lord will go forth like a warrior,
He will arouse His zeal like a man of war.
He will utter a shout, yes, He will raise a war cry.
He will prevail against His enemies.

FYI: Sderot is Hebrew for Boulevard … a wide broad way … a way that is going to become one of the launching the gospel missiles “into” Gaze.

John 14:6  Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. NASU
For the gates of resistance shall be broken for Jesus and His kingdom is for all people…..
Ps 24:7 Lift up your heads, O gates,
And be lifted up, O ancient doors,
That the King of glory may come in!
8 Who is the King of glory?
The Lord strong and mighty,
The Lord mighty in battle.
9 Lift up your heads, O gates,
And lift them up, O ancient doors,
That the King of glory may come in!
10 Who is this King of glory?
The Lord of hosts,
He is the King of glory. Selah.
A powerful change is coming upon the land as God moves His Hand
Isa 35: 1The wilderness and the desert will be glad… (read the whole chapter for God’s promise!)

Blessings, Henry
On Jul 9, 2015, at 10:56 PM:

Nancy and Sarah completed the prayer assignment at Sderot. They were there without incident for almost an hour. The police station had them go around and see all of the missile fragments retrieved from attacks coming from Gaza. This was very emotional for them and for their driver almost bringing him to tears with thankfulness for their prayers. Nancy and Sarah prayed, repented, rejoiced, and gave thanksgiving; for as Nancy related to me…..God says He has ears to hear —and has heard us all and is listening to the prayers for Sderot and for Gaza.
bombtails    “Bomb tails” shot from Gaza into Sderot area.

One of the their prayer concerns was for the children of the city. Liz had sent Nancy a text with information that approximately 70% of the children suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) due to the rockets and explosions. It is extremely stressful living there. For example, in Tel Aviv, there is approximately 40 sec when the missile sirens sound to find the way to a nearby bomb shelter. In Sderot there is less than 15 sec so even school playgrounds have bomb shelters incorporated in the playground equipment. Be aware, from what I can research, many Jewish people “choose” to live there. Nancy and Sarah prayed for children, but also parents, other adults, local and national leaders, and all in Israel who are to some degree, also affected by PTSD…..
Nancy and Sarah also prayed outside the city along the highway that faces Gaza. This area is within 800 meters (about a half-mile) from the Gaza boundary fence. They prayed for Sderot but also for the people of Gaza, that they would be given a honest and true resolution to their physical, emotional and spiritual misery and hopelessness. They declared prophetically…..that God has an ultimate plan calling Sderot – and they will send in Gospel missiles into Gaza, and Jesus’ name will be on the tip.
They also prayed for all the borders of Israel and all of the countries touching the Mediterranean sea as Israel does.
Nancy and Sarah expressed much thanks to all for the powerful prayer coverage.
They went back to their hotel with great intentions of swimming in the “safe” Mediterranean but “jelly fish” season is arriving (some as big as a volleyball). Is this prophetic (?) possibly.  Consider, sometimes that which is beautiful and appears harmless (jelly fish) can truly be deadly. Even in a place we have deemed as being safe (Mediterranean Beach in Tel Aviv). I suspect we need to be ramping up prayer as God’s watchmen and intercessor’s for Nancy and Sarah’s eyes to be opened, so they may see like the Eagle as the Holy Spirit gives them vision, so they may see in ways and to a depth they have not seen previously, whether when viewing something new, or something they have seen many times before.

Blessings your brother in Christ, Henry
On Jul 14, 2015, at 1:56 PM:

Nancy and Sarah are on their way to the airport for their journey to Atlanta.
Certainly please pray for traveling mercies, but also especially be lifting Nancy up as her INR blood thinner reading was a bit low.
Adjustments are being made.
Prayer will make all the difference.
Blessings, Henry
On Jul 16, 2015, at 12:23 AM,:

Nancy and Sarah landed in Atlanta on-time and told of the extraordinary favor they received on the journey…..first to load on the plane, bypassing 200+ people when they went through immigration on entering USA… 200+ Nancy said No Lines – No Waiting – continual called to the front…..though they were able to get some sleep on the plane they were exceedingly tired…..and checked into their hotel, quickly ate and then even more quickly went right to sleep.  They are off tomorrow for Washington DC.

Blessings, Henry


So … now in Augusta, Georgia area:  

Thank you for your continued prayers for Nancy / Point To Hope Ministries.  You can see a detailed itinerary on the website:  There are daily meetings scheduled; sometimes more than one a day: not to mention, needs come up that are not on the schedule.  We thank you so much for your prayer coverage!  Please continue to pray for safety on the roads, and strength in our natural beings to carry out His supernatural “Be’s” … Let it Be so, Amen!

I just want to close with this.  Yes, there is an itinerary of “scheduled meetings” for this ministry, but I want to remind you and encourage you in this:  “YOU” are this ministry … we are ONE body!  The other day we were driving to a Sunday AM meeting and we had been receiving texts and messages thanking us for our obedience and faithfulness to go.  I couldn’t help but think this – to me YOU are the obedient!  … Greater is the obedience of those who carry on in their day to day routine that life demands and still YOU are faithful and obedience to pray as the Lord leads whether or not you see or hear.  That’s faithful in my mind.  Thank you!  We are all at war regardless if at home or on the field.  

Again, we are so thankful for for your prayer coverage!  We love the people of all nations but there is nothing like home!  It is great to be back in America!

Love and blessings to all!

Sarah Tarter
PTH Prayer Facilitator

China, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Seoul, Russia, & … Israel

July 5, 2015

Dear Friends,

Why so many countries?? … and still more nations in the future!  Nancy believes it is God’s desire to give nations an open door to return to Him and bring His order, His Glory, and turn hearts to Jesus Christ.  She often wonders how many others have been asked to go before her?  Truly, there are many who have also gone before and will surely follow and pray and declare God’s Word in the way He directs.   Still, for now, the Lord has put a mandate on Nancy / Point To Hope, just as He has called others to do His bidding.

The mandate is simply this:  To go to the Eastern Gate / side of each parliament building in each nations’ capitol and listed in His Word are 21 characteristic of a hypocrite (Matt. 23:2-33 & 2 Tim. 3:2-5).  As a prophetic act, a little chain with 21 links is broken after repenting for the sins and declaring God’s glory return once again (Ez. 43:4);  Then, a little red (for the blood) ribbon trimmed with gold (God’s glory) is saturated with oil (anointing of the Holy Spirit), a heart (representing God’s heart for the nation), and a dime (10 for testimony – testimony of Jesus Christ)… these emblems are left at the parliament – typically around a tree if possible.  Additionally, prayers of blessing and provision are offered for the governmental leaders of the nations; prayers that there ears, eyes, and hearts would be open to receive the goodness that that Lord has for them as a nation.  Prays of reconciliation among themselves, other countries, but more importantly, reconciliation to the ONE who gave His life for each one as an individual.  Prayers that the leaders would “raise the war cry” for God and that their country would prosper according to the Word of God and His lovingkindness would be accepted.

The Bible is full of accounts of both simple and profound individuals who simply said “yes” to the Lord and God was able to move mountains; raise nations and defeat nations!  You also have said “yes” and He is working His might and power through your prayers to fulfill His plans and purposes for ALL His people – nation by nation, and one heart at a time.

                         Thank you!

Beijing, China (June 10th):
Three of our friends from Hong Kong joined us when we flew to Beijing.  It was an amazing day.  This may seem simple, but the temperature were very pleasant – an unusually cool day for June…. a supernatural day!  We walked along the Eastern Gate of the Parliament building.  It was closed up pretty tight.  However, after we had finished praying, the gates opened before our eyes.  One of the things we found was a large button and the Lord said, He was going to be “pushing some buttons.”  The next day in the Hong Kong news, one of China’s high ranking governmental officials was exposed for corruption.

Beijing Cap

I also wanted to mention, the previous day, we prayed at Tiananmen Square, also known as “Gate of Heavenly Peace.  After we lifted prayers of repentance and declaration, the skies started rolling with a gentle thunder and light “showers of blessings” began to fall!  

It was awesome to collaborate with our Hong Kong friends from Aglow (Alice, Virginia, & Jane).  Together, we took God’s Word and declared it for all of China…. you were right there with us!

Also, before leaving Alaska (in May), the Lord gave Nancy a word regarding China:
I’m (meaning the Lord) going to make changes:
– There will be a day when you will not need a VISA to enter China (picture of entry from the South).
– Changes from the old to the new
– hearts are going to be changed (officials / gov.)

Also, years ago, He told Nancy China will be one of the greatest evangelical nations spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ …. that is coming to pass!  They distribute an enormous amount of Christian materials and are reaching out to many people, particularly Muslims, in great numbers.

Also, regarding the VISAs … back in early June, I think I asked for prayer because we had to apply for a Chinese VISA as soon as we arrived in Hong Kong and didn’t have much time for processing … thus praying for favor and we would be allowed access.  Well, I am happy to share this report:  When we got our passports back, I have been a given 10 year VISA for China, and Nancy a 1 year (only 1 year because her passport is about to expire).  However, she can receive a ten year VISA with a renewed passport.  Praise God!

Manila, Philippines (June 18th):


Posted at the entrance:  “Show your ID” … Well, all I can say is, Nancy just had to sign what looked like a guest book and we had access to the Senate of the Philippines to pray.  In addition to repenting for the 21 sins, the Lord had given Nancy some specific things to pray for the Philippines when we went to this embassy in DC last December.   One of the things we saw in DC was old newspapers.  Guess what we saw on this day?  An old newspaper; And, it was as if it was being read by the wind with its full length pages gently turning.  Another word the Lord had given Nancy in DC was that the “side door” was always used.  Yes, there was a main entrance at this parliament, but it was the side gate that seemed to be opening and shutting.    

One of the things the Lord showed Nancy to pray (while in DC/embassy) was to free this nation of a victim mentality.  Well, it was evident in the cast system, but it was also evident that the Lord is bringing this people group out of this mentality and breaking the cast! 

Canberra, Australia (June 22):

Australia       Australia cap

Time to apply all layers of clothing!  Temperature was chilly but the grass was still being mowed in winter!   This parliament was immaculate and massive … well groomed.  We took an early morning four hour train prayer journey from Sidney to Canberra.  Again, we prayed and repented for the 21 sins found in 2 Tim. 3:2-5 & Matt. 23:2-33.   It may seem the same:  a 21 link chain, a gold lined red ribbon, anointing oil, a little heart symbol, and a dime (for testimony) … but the Word of the Lord is alive and active … fresh and new every day.

As soon as we finished praying, two exterminators emerged from the woods like clock work!  A declaration and sign to Australia that the Lord will contend / exterminate things going the “wrong way”.  

Australia exterminators

Also a sign to us, was a large square button found … how many buttons show up at parliaments?  Remember, we also found a button in Beijing (China).

Here is another note worthy of reporting as I think it will encourage you to know your prayers are effective.  After finishing at the parliament, we had about 6 hours to kill and it was pretty windy and cold.  Nancy’s cell phone rang …. which that has not happened since leaving Alaska.  So, it rang but the question was to answer or not –  considering the charges.  Nancy answered and it was the airlines saying our evening flight back to Sidney was cancelled – could we come for an earlier or later flight?  (We had taken the train from Sydney to Wellington and we were returning via plane).   We opted for earlier flight.  From the airport in Sydney, we were able to easily hop on the subway train and within a couple stops, see a few familiar sights which Australia is known for:  The Sydney Opera House & the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  Thank you for your intercession that paved the way for the day’s journey and God’s favor.

I also wanted to quickly mention, we had the opportunity to attend a Hillsong Church service on a Sunday evening.  It was awesome to worship with other believers, but I think a highlight for both Nancy and I was our Muslim taxi driver.  It was about an hour drive, oneway, and he was willing to wait for us until the service ended.  Let me just say this:  He got an earful of the goodness of Jesus Christ as one’s best friend.  He asked the right questions and we could tell the answers left much room for him to ponder.  And, Hillsong, as a church, gives out new bibles to visitors …. so guess who got a new bible?  Please continue to pray for our new friend, our Muslim taxi driver.

Wellington, New Zealand (June 23rd):
The Lord did say this 2015 year theme is: Raise the War Cry!: Redemptive Rest!   “Seals … as in Christian Seals / Christian Creed” …. Seems like a silly picture, but not when the Word of the Lord sheds light:   “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty” (1 Cor. 1:27 / KJV).  We found this “little” seal fast asleep on the shores of New Zealand – amid the hustle and bustle of human-kind surrounding it – the “parking lot” was not its permanent home.  Still, this seal found redemptive rest and peace regardless its war-like surroundings of cars and people. …  Likewise, our “parking lot” is not this earth … “But our homeland is in heaven” (Phil. 3:20a).  This was not our purpose in New Zealand, but was a pleasant reminder of the PTH theme this year about the “Navy SEALs / Christian Seal”.  You could say this “little seal” was a neighbor of our dear friend, Annie Cox (a long standing friend to many Alaskans whom returned to her homeland of New Zealand).  Annie flew to Wellington (capitol of NZ) and prayed at the parliament with Nancy and I.

seal resting    New Zealand

Annie shared that last year (2014) marked the 200th year since Samuel Marsden introduced Christianity to New Zealand.  Now, 201 years later, we stood at the Eastern Gate of the parliament and repented, declared God’s Word, and petitioned for restoration and revival for the people of New Zealand.  It was chilly, slightly windy and rainy, but the Spirit of the Lord burned fervently!

And, Annie offered an open invitation for Point To Hope to return to New Zealand.

Seoul, South Korea (June 28th):
Wow!  I think S. Korea was both Nancy and my “favorite” parliament.  We were there on a Sunday, so we had the whole place to ourselves … at least the outer courts!  First glimpse was amazing … a large concrete building, yet in the foreground, stood a seemingly out-of-place sculpture of a tree … from a distance, it looked like a “Fruit of the Spirit” tree. 

S.Korea fruit tree     N.Korea free

We also visited South Korea’s Observatory.  It was as close as we could get to the border of North Korea to pray.  North Korea can be seen in the distance.  It is no coincidence that the word “free” is labeled on the view finder!  Nancy prayed blessings on both North and South Korea; Healing and reconciliation – with one another and with the Lord.  And that one day, it will be a country of “Korea”.   (A few days prior, Debbie A., from Ketchikan also sent a verse from Joshua 6:16, “Shout, for the Lord has given you Korea.”    Nancy heard the Lord say, “Enough is enough!” The fear of constant thread will be no more;  There will be a day when those in N. Korea will flood into S. Korea because communism will be no more…. there is a mother’s heart of God for her nation and she is calling out restore, restore, restore what the canker worm has eaten.  The walls are coming down, prepare for battle as it will be humbling and hard for both; give and take.  

Here is a photo of Nancy and our taxi driver who took us to the parliament in South Korea.  I know many of you had been praying for our transportation to the parliament because we had quite a distance to our destination and an need of an English speaking driver.   When he said he spoke “a little English” he was right.  And, I might also add, speaking doesn’t necessarily mean understanding;  He did smile a lot and was very pleasant and professional.

So, why include this picture?  We don’t know his name and odds of meeting him again are probably a big zero.  However, I couldn’t help wonder if he realized he was compelled by the Holy Spirit on this day!  He didn’t just “give us a ride” … he transported God’s plans and purposes on this warm June 28th day in the year 2015!  You wonder if your prayers are effective … necessary?  I am sure there are days in your own prayer closet when you wonder if you are “hitting the mark,” etc.  I’m guessing you did not hear first hand from God the places the Lord has called Nancy to.  Still, you are compelled by the Spirit of the Lord to intercede, regardless of what you know or don’t know; or understand.  Perhaps Noah’s family was in the same boat???  As far as I can tell, Noah was the only one who actually heard God say “make for yourself, an ark” (Gen. 6:14); And a 3-decker ark, no less – BIG PLANS in store.  As far fetched as it may have seemed to Noah’s family,  they helped build the ark to transport God’s plans for mankind; You, also, through prayer, are building an ark for HIS presence of mankind.  Seems far-fetched, but not so!! HIS word never returns void.  Thus, whether our taxi driver knew or felt any accomplishment of his day … there was an accomplishment in the spirit realm for South Korea… and North Korea.

S.Korea -driver

Moscow, Russia (June 30th):
I know many of you have inquired specifically about Russia.  If you remember the word the Lord gave Nancy when we were at the Russian embassy in Washington, DC (back in Dec. 2014) – there was going to be  “wreck … a shattering”; don’t know what that means, but that is what the Lord told Nancy (last Dec.).   We connected with our tour guide (which was required for us to even have entrance into Russia.)  She was 28 years old and had been hired to provide us with Russian history around the Red Square area and Saint Basil’s Cathedral.  The parliament building was a few blocks away.  Our guide was amazed that we wanted to go there and quickly warned us we would not be permitted in.  No problem!  I don’t think we have been permitted in a foreign parliament yet, other than a few in the Scandinavian countries.  We just needed the Easter side and the Word of God … and that we had.  I think our guide was not so sure what to think, but she was included in our declaration as a Russian citizen.  The Power of Agreement!  

Again, when we were in DC at the embassy, the Lord showed Nancy there are good Christians in Russia – please continue to pray for them.  

I think Nancy and I had the same impression regarding our visit to Moscow.  You know how it is on those days when you just feel like you are “getting by” and going through mundane things in life – like a “coldness;” kind of a “self” attitude …. that’s the feeling we had, spiritually speaking.  
russia           St Basil's Catherderal

Israel (July 1-15th):
Now in Israel, trying to catch up a little from back to back long flights, etc.  Yet, there is much to do and we really covet your prayer coverage for God’s perfect plan for what He desires to be fulfilled in this time and season for Israel.   We will at some point, go to the City of David in Jerusalem (that may entail a few days); also, some various sites of David (as a young warrior), perhaps Bethlehem, as well as some other areas around Tel Aviv like the Port of Jaffa (a good reminder not to be a Jonah … don’t be a runner – be a “forerunner”.   However, we know there is more, but right now, it is a need to know basis for all of us.  Thus, please continue to uphold us in prayer.  

July 16th … Washington, DC; Capitol Building & White House (Day trip).  
We were asked the same question from people in several countries …. What is wrong with your country (meaning America)???  And, we heard many times over:  “There’s no hope for America”!

After we had finished our prayer at the parliament in Canberra, Australia, the Lord told Nancy this:  “Your country (meaning America) is being cursed from every direction; Words spoken as if they are so.  You know what you have to do?   Nancy’s reply, “Go back to my capitol and pray for my country and its governing leaders.”

No better time than the present:  Nancy and I arrive back in America on July 15th.  Early morning of the 16th, we will fly to DC for a quick day trip to fulfill the Lord’s request.  Praise God,  for the ‘day of rest’ in our schedule that permitted time to do this day trip (the 16th of July . 16= God’s Love) …  Again, this is the year of Raise the War Cry: God’s Redemptive Rest! 

Blessings to all and again, thank you for you precious prayer coverage.  Again, my apologies for the time span from the last report, but we’ve literally been in and out of meetings, parliaments, train stations, and airports.  

Please don’t hesitate to e-mail if the Lord shows you anything:  dream / vision, scripture, etc.  We are in this together!

Sarah Tarter
PTH Prayer Facilitator
S.Korea wings


“High 5”; India to Hong Kong

RE:  Departing India … Unto Hong Kong / China (June 1, 2015)

Greetings PTH Friends & Intercessors!
     Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “Talk to the hand!”  Typically, it is not a gesture one would be excited about! … believe me, as a special education teacher – I’ve encountered that signal before!  However, on this occasion with the language barrier, we were very happy to “talk to the hand.”  Our scheduled flight to leave Lucknow, India was 2:00 PM (Monday), and we were not leaving the residence of our stay until noon.  In the back of my mind I was having flashbacks of the ticket counter and security process from last time we departed India – not the fastest train on the track. 
     In many foreign countries, people are not permitted enter the airport without documentation of a ticket, so you can imagine the relief when in transit, Pastor Tony announced he had made a phone call to his friend at the airport to help us with our luggage and the ticketing process.  All I can say is … that was the favor of God!  Otherwise, Nancy and I would still be standing out in the Indian heat … Real live Baked Alaskan!  I was glad for the communication to “Talk to the hand” – letting us know to go or stay – move here or wait there …. The last “talk to the hand” message – “High Five!” was a sign of thank you! And a sign from the Lord … “HIGH FIVE: … (help from on high … #5 for grace).
     So, here we are in Hong Kong.  Like India, what a blessing to be reunited with some very dear and precious friends!  First on the schedule (yesterday), was a gathering of Aglow Leadership.  Wow, it was awesome to see the spiritual maturity in all the ladies; And a hunger for so much more.  We also had the privilege of meeting some Taiwanese people: Two Pastors (husband and wife) and another gal were in attendance as a new Aglow is about to be launched in Taiwan. 

HK Aglow training      The Aglow Leadership did a great job setting the stage for the day!  Warriors – rise up and be strong in the Lord!  Know who you are in Christ!  Recognize you are called and are mighty leaders.  Alice, (the Aglow National President of HK/China & Asia Regional Chairman) … and …super mom / happy wife, gave a great introduction to set the stage for the teaching the Lord gave Nancy about being positioned for destiny.
     Prerequisite for destiny: “What’s in your cup?” (Explained in the last PTH report).   A sign of a good and ready leader means evaluating one’s heart so as not to be walking in unforgiveness or bitterness.   Furthermore, being conscious about what you are meditating on.  What thoughts are you entertaining?  Thinking on “Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute?” (Phil. 4:8a).  OR is the meditation of the heart murmuring, complaining, offended, etc.?  “Bad company corrupts good character” (1 Cor. 15:33a)…. not only “people” company, but also the company kept in thoughts.  What do we meditating on?  A Godly leader meditates on the Word of God.  
     I love the lyrics of the an old secular song “Accentuate the Positive”.  One line says:  “Don’t mess with Mr. In-between.”  If we waiver in our thoughts and who we are in Christ, that leaves an invitation to the enemy … that “unsure / in between” place – and the enemy is more than willing to cast the negative and negate the positive …. Thus, we do have to accentuate the positive – standing firm on who God is and who we are in Christ.
     For the sake of time, I’ll share “my notes” from Nancy’s teaching regarding positioning leaders for destiny.

4 Keys To Your Destiny:  
1) Let It Go
      A good leader –  Let’s it go:  get over your offenses, etc.  Get over yourself – it is not about you!  The Lord is doing a new thing – a “New Birthing” in this hour and sometimes we just have to “Let it Go” so God can work.  Is there something we are holding so tightly that it doesn’t give God room to put the “new” in our hands?”  A Key word in “letting go”  is “renounce”.  Sometimes, old things creep in – again, and we need to renounce them in the name of Jesus; even if it is daily!  Renounce it to completion … Letting go requires action on our part: renouncing is action!
2) Get Ready
     “Gird up the loins of your mind” (1 Peter 1:13a / NKJV); “Get yourself ready!” (Jer. 1:17 / NIV).  Again – requiring action from us!  We must do our part.  Where is our focus?  On Jesus? … the Author and Finisher!  A good leaders keeps their eyes focused on Jesus – regardless the situation or issue at hand … not fixing on the distractions!
     One of the ways the Lord helps us individually to prepare / “to get ready” is through prophetic words.  I have been in countless gatherings where the spirit of prophesy is active and I get so excited when people receive a prophetic word because I, myself have been there.  And, having been there, I also know there is an active part required from us in order for the prophetic word to come to fruition.  I know many of you know  what I am talking about!  
     Years ago, I received a prophetic word about an anointing for music, writing and recording songs, traveling the world, etc.  Keep in mind, this was at a time when “my world” consisted of going to work and going home; I knew a few basic chords on the guitar but definitely didn’t play it.  Quite frankly, I didn’t even know the difference in the strings, other than the obvious.  Plus, I had never written a song in my life!  Get the picture!  This was a word declaring what the Lord had in store for me … but I had to do my part to “get myself ready”!
     I had a choice:  I could have waited around and reiterated this prophesy to myself – just restating it – never picking up a guitar, never attempting to pick up a pen … never going out of my house … wondering when this prophesy would be fulfilled…. basically, just being excited about the “news” or idea of it.  OR, I could do this:  Acknowledge that it clearly was not manifested in me yet, still by faith and meditating on God’s Word and His leading, He would do what He said He would do.  See, the “Get Ready” part was not so much about the gifting God wanted to put in me – that was just the manifestation of time spend with Him … He gives gifts / gifting so they can be opened by others and used for His Glory.  
     I share that personal testimony because I have been in many meetings / services and heard powerful prophetic words:  prophesies of financial turn-arounds, or families reunited, vindications on the horizon, wombs opening, or for some, a spouse is in the future, etc.  This is exciting, but I also know from experience, it is not just going to ‘happen’.  We have to align ourselves with HIM.
     During the meeting, there was a “Question & Answer” time so the ladies could ask Nancy specific questions.  I personally was blessed to hear the interaction and clarity Nancy provided to the ladies.  One particular answer I found most helpful was regarding prophesies fulfilled or not fulfilled.  The Lord spoke to Nancy specifically about prophetic words and why some don’t come to pass.  He told her a couple things:  Firstly, she was just the mailman and is not responsibly for how His mail is read.  Secondly, the “get ready” part is on the receiver of the prophetic word – they have to align themselves with ME (meaning the Lord) first, and I (God) will bring to pass what I have spoken according to My plan. Furthermore, the Lord spoke to Nancy and said some words are not fulfilled because people are fixed more on the “idea” of the prophetic word rather than keeping their eyes on the ONE and aligning themselves with the ONE as He brings to pass what He said.  In other words, we can get so fixed on the “gift” and how we think it should come verses the “Giver”.
     To simplify the “Get Ready” step even more, we clearly have a part to ready ourselves, but we can also get so stuck on the way “we” think it should come to pass, and try to control what we want … the “idea” and miss what God has.
     Yes, it is possible to miss a prophetic word!  I had a great prophesy about music (not the guitar) but music.  I could have locked myself into the idea of “piano” when I received that prophesy years ago because that had always been a desire of my heart.  I also could have missed it if I had complained because I didn’t have a piano, etc.  … Hence, back to step 1… “Let It Go.”  Let it go – stay in His Word and be open to how HE will fulfill what He said.  

3)  Do The Possible
     Another key to destiny is aligning ourselves to do what we can do so that we are in position for divine appointments.  Remember the woman with issue?   Nancy reminded the ladies that the woman with issue went against the law of the land (to be out in the crowd, etc. while bleeding) to position herself to receive.  She took the possible (what she could do in the strength and knowledge she had) and positioned herself so God could do the impossible.  Another example Nancy shared was the story from Luke, chapter 5:  Friends lowered their friend down through the roof (did the possible) to position him in front of Jesus (to do the impossible).  Which leads to the last step Nancy shared.

4) Positioned for the Impossible
     Again, we have to do our part – the possible, so God can do the Impossible – His part.  Leaders – don’t be distracted!  Keep your focus on Jesus – meditate on His Word, pray and fast.  Then, God can do the impossible!

     Friends – we (whether in person or in prayer) are here in Hong Kong / China, doing the possible , along with those of you journeying with us through prayer, so that God can do the impossible through all of us – through you – His servants.  Again, thank you so much for your prayer coverage!  IT MATTERS!

HK local aglow

     Regardless the distance barrier and miles across the land and nations, know this:  The Lord is giving you His “High 5” and saying thank you saints for your mighty prayers!  

Sarah Tarter,
PTH Prayer Facilitator

Hong Kong / China Schedule:

June 4th (Thurs.) 7:00 – 10:00 PM:  Aglow Open Metting in Kowloon
June 5th (Fri.): Full Gospel Businessmen (FGB); attending “Pastor, I Love You” dinner
June 6th (Sat.)Attending FGB Lunch & Evening Banquet
June 7th & 8th (Sun/Mon):  Trip to Macau (1 hour via ferry)
June 9th-11th (Tue-Thurs): Flight to Beijing, China (capitol prayer assignment)
June 15th (Monday):  Discovery Bay – TENTATIVE

Lucknow, India / May 2015

Dear PTH Friends,

Approaching the ticket counter, I took one last glance at our ticket information and this caught my eye:  “Not available for upgrade” …. hmmm – wasn’t even thinking about an upgrade.  I was more concerned that we had only a 30 minute connection on an international flight … and sometimes it can take 30 minutes just to disembark!  But we were confident that God had written our itinerary.  When our tickets were scanned to board the plane, the machine pumped out a new ticket … “1C & 1D” …. First Class – Christ Delivers.  God’s Favor for sure, but the point is this:   “It positioned us for our connection”!  Spiritually speaking, positioning can be everything!    Regardless the “ticket(s)” man issues in life, God sovereignly moves when His people pray!

Thank you for you prayer coverage!

Nancy and I arrived in India safely … loooong flight(s), but very smooth!  However, one of Nancy’s suitcases took the looooooooooger flight plan, but eventually arrived … just in time.

The “Armor of God” Ladies Conference 2015 started Tuesday (5/26) in Lucknow, India.  I would say Nancy wasn’t feeling so hot, but that would not be entirely accurate –  she was feeling quite hot –  like Indian heat-hot.  I’m not sure what the temperature was, but it is kind of like home (in my opinion):  Alaska, cold – anything below zero is just cold.  So, whether 100 degrees or 120 degrees – it equates to heat and more heat!  Plus, the first dose of tasty Indian food was not a mutual agreement for both mine and Nancy’s system – just sayin’.  I didn’t realize I really felt bad, but let me put it this way – I was very glad to throw up!  I realize this is probably more detail than you want to read about.  However, I want you to know your prayers matter!  The combination of sleep deprivation, new foods, and probably a bug of some sort – well, what could have been a long, drawn out miserable illness was short lived!  PTH!

Back to the conference!  The ladies looked so beautiful in their colorful saris and their warm welcome was a sweet fragrance from heaven.  It was wonderful to be reunited with many familiar faces and embraces.  Regardless the language barrier, these things are universal:   smiles, hugs, “Praise the Lord” …. and “selfies”.

ladies conf 5:15 greeting


Both Nancy and I noticed such spiritual maturity in these women since the last time we were here. These women have truly grown in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord.  In writing to you, it is hard to choose what to share with you because each message / session has had something new and fresh; teachings of “back to basics,” as well as those of deeper understanding in His word.  Thus, I will pick two of my favorite teachings.  I’ll title the first teaching: “What’s in Your Cup?”.  Secondly, a message about “How To Overcome: 4 Biblical Principles WE Apply”

What’s in Your Cup?
Years ago, the Lord gave Nancy this teaching.  At the time, it was personal for her, the depth, yet simplicity of this teaching continues to be fresh manna for today.  This “cup stuff” will always be relevant regardless of what part of the world we live in, as long as we are God’s people.  Why?  Because it is a biblical principle!



Years ago, the Lord instructed Nancy to draw a picture of a cup on a piece of paper.  On the cup, she was to write the names of anyone that came to mind who hurt her.  Much to her amazement, her cup was filled to overflowing.  The Lord asked Nancy:  Do you know what this represents????  … A cup of unforgiveness and bitterness.  Overwhelmingly grieved with the revelation the Holy Spirit had revealed about the condition of her heart, Nancy quickly crumbled the paper and attempted to discard it as quickly as possible.  However, the Lord had a better way to rid unforgiveness and bitterness that she didn’t even know she was carrying in her heart.  The Lord told her to go get “her paper cup” and run it under the running water.  “…having cleansed her by the washing of water with the Word”… (Eph. 5:26b).  

Wow!  At some point in life, we have all been (or will be again) hurt or disappoint, etc.  Check and see what is in your cup!  He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow … and He desires our cups be full of freedom in Him.  Forgive others and we will be forgiven … (Matt. 6:14, etc.).  The need for forgiveness is universal teaching and always relevant!  So, draw yourself a cup! 🙂

I love God’s Word!  I love how the seemingly “old stories” of the Bible are NEVER old!  So it is with the following message the Lord gave Nancy from Numbers chapters 6 and 21.  I wish I could scribe the entire message but my hope is to give you enough of the teaching, (as I heard it) that you can pull in for yourself, the application in your own life … just as these here in India have testified.

God spoke to Moses years ago, and God is still speaking the same message today!  A message of hope and overcoming whatever you are going through / facing.  YOU can Activate these four principals in your own life:

How to Overcome: 4 Biblical Principals WE Apply”
1:  Blessing (Numbers 6:22-27)
Bless … and bless daily!  Bless your spouse, your children, your church; Your brothers and sisters in Christ.  Yes, even bless your enemies!  Consider this:  If you are not blessing, are you cursing?  Are you holding back the blessings the Lord has put in you to share with those in need?  Blessing will bring peace to your household … your heart … any storm or circumstance.  Blessings will change the atmosphere!

2: Sing to Your Well (Numbers 21: 14-17)
Verse 14 makes mention of the “Book of the Wars of the Lord.”  Don’t you know that would have been some interesting reading and strategies for war!  One of the war tactics of that time was to fill water wells with rocks, etc…. plug the well.  That might not seem like a biggie now, but if you had millions of thirsty people knocking at your door –  that’s relevant.  

Make it personal:  Our heart is like a well.  What’s in your well?  Has life’s circumstances thrown rocks in your well?  Are you discouraged?  In need of healing? Financial? Family / children? Everyday heart aches?  OR, maybe you’ve thrown rocks in your own well? Statements or the mentality of: …I can’t … I don’t have anything to offer … I’m not gifted like so & so …. Woe is me … I’ll just screw up again … Well, last time, this is what happened …  I’m being judged! … I’m not liked / loved … etc…. you get the idea.  

Whatever is clogging the wells of our hearts, the point is, we want / NEED our “wells” to spring up from within.  Here’s how, according to God’s Word:  Gather together with others and “sing to your own well” (vs. 16b-17).  Yes, sing to your well a new song of the Lord … a song of hope – not despair!  “Spring up, O well!!! Sing to it! (vs. 17b).  We have to do our part!  We may not be able to control storms but we can protect our well!

3:  Prayer (Numbers 6:1-3)
A vow!  Before Nancy even had a chance to do an in-depth study regarding “vow”,  the Lord told her it was the New Testament prayer / intercession for this hour.  Sure enough, according to the Greek, vow and prayer are basically interchangeable.  

Whether man or woman (vs.2) … set yourself apart – dedicate yourself to abstain from what you eat or drink – also known as “fasting”!  Consecrate yourself – your cause to the Lord.  Everywhere we go, the Lord is giving Nancy a charge to release to the people:  Pray & Fast; Listen to the Lord; Read His Word (you want to hear God’s voice? … Read His Word and you’ll understand His language.)  Discipline yourself … make a vow … pray!

4:  Lift Your Head (Numbers 21: 6-9)
The Scene in a Nutshell:  The people complained, gossips about their leaders / situations, murmured, etc.  The Lord had His fill and sent snakes;  Many were bitten and died as a result.  Yikes!!!  The people, reevaluated their actions / words, repented and this is what happen:  The Lord instructed Moses to make a bronze snake and set it on a standard that if anyone was bitten, they could lift their head – look at it and be healed.

Here’s the point:  The Lord did not remove the problem (snakes), but He provided a way out.  However, there was a demand, a requirement – each had to his/her part as an individual – LIFT YOUR HEAD!  Today, we get bitten in life’s circumstances – some of our own doing or not doing, complaining, etc.; Sometimes, we have no control over “life’s bites.”  Still, lift your head … “Fix your eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith … joy set before us…” (Heb. 12:2).

I encourage you to go back and read these accounts in Numbers for yourself and let the Holy Spirit take you deeper into this teaching Nancy has shared.

Nancy also shared this four key message with young men in Bible School preparing for the ministry.  It was powerful!  And I must say, before Nancy spoke, I began to play my guitar but I could hardly sing because I was just overwhelmed with the drawing of hunger in these young men!  They were so humble and thirsty for God’s Word and I know they inhaled every word the Lord had Nancy share with them. 

Bible School PastorsI hope that you will study each young man’s face because the Lord gave Nancy a powerful prophetic word over them for their nation:  That they will bring change to India!  So pray for them … through the years…. if you are willing, the Holy Spirit will prompt you to pray because the Lord will truly fulfill His Word in their lives and where He is calling them.  

Nancy and I took a little tour of the “kitchen” at the conference center to see what was on the menu for lunch.  I am “stirring” Chola – a spicy mixture of vegetables in season and beans.  Nancy took a peek at the fresh “Chapati” (Indian Tortillas).

Nancychapati Sarah lunch

I stated earlier, I had two of my favorite messages to share … I guess I lied, I have three.  I must also include this nugget the Holy Spirit gave Nancy from His Word.  Remember the blind man in John 9:1-12? … the one whom Jesus used his spit to make mud and smear over the man’s eyes.  Jesus then told him to go to Siloam and wash.  Ponder these relevant life’s lesson illuminated from this teaching:
     – Jesus did a “crazy thing” (from a human perspective)
     – And, if that wasn’t enough, Jesus gave him a directive to “go and do something on his own” … go wash (an activation of faith before seeing).
     – How many people do you think the “mud-eyed man” passed before he reached his destination?   Can you imagine some of those people reaching out to help wash the mud from the man’s eyes?  It must have been quite a sight to see a blind man with mud on his eyes?  I’m thinking, perhaps they may have also thought him to be on the crazy side.  
     – Here is the point:  Jesus gave him specific instructions to see … on the path to his healing / freedom according to God’s way, how many people wanted to “step in” and wash the mud from his face?  I can imagined it also took some self-discipline on his part to resist the help of others as “man’s way” may seem easier or at least controllable.
Don’t be distracted by what / who surrounds you when you know what God has called you to do!  Apply that to your life and watch how the Holy Spirit can move in your life – your situation.  Amen!

Keep this little guy in prayer … for the next 30+ years.   Currently, he is a little boy who is deaf and mute.  However, when Nancy prayed for him, the Holy Spirt said that when he is 34 years old, he will be speaking and preaching the gospel!  Seems like a very long road for him to “Siloam to wash,” but with God, time does not nullify His promises!

deaf:mute34 yrs  prayer:tears

Tomorrow is Sunday here in India.  Nancy will be speaking at the main Assembly of Believers Church (ABC).  Then, in the evening, she will speak at another ABC church in a surrounding town.
On Monday, we head to Hong Kong.  Please pray specifically for China – that  our VISA applications will be according to God’s will and be processed to make His divine connection(s).

Again, we can’t thank you enough for your prayer coverage. We have witnessed the power of God’s protective hedge around us; our very steps, health … not to mention the traffic pattern (and I use “pattern” very loosely)  Years ago, Nancy nicknamed the driver “Superman,” if that helps bring clarity!  Seriously, we recognize the power of your prayers!  You are with us all the way!  And we are praying for you!  We need each other!

I started this report by saying “positioning can be everything.”  Let me leave you with expression Nancy has been emphasizing:  Prayer helps position us for the possible so God can do the impossible!
Blessings to all,

Sarah Tarter,
PTH Prayer Facilitator



World Power!  Word Power!

April 29, 2015

Dear PTH Friends / Intercessors,

Ben,Nancy,Henry                                Ben, Nancy, & Henry

This past week end, PTH held a Holy Spirit Encounter conference in Anchorage, Alaska.  The theme was (and continues for this year):  “War Cry!  God’s Redemptive Rest”.  Isaiah 8:9 is a charge to “Raise the war cry, you nations, and be shattered!  Listen, all you distant lands.  Prepare for battle, and be shattered!  Prepare for battle and be shattered!” As believers, we are at war, yet we can live in rest when we follow the principals found in Romans 12.

Nancy’s evening messages were powerful!  The Lord has given her a timely message for the Body of Christ… “Back to Basics for the mature.  There were 12 workshops focused on topics from Romans chapter 12.  Evening messages and workshops will be available to hear on the website in the near future (  & click on:  PTH Audio Blog).  

Point To Hope conferences are always called “Holy Spirit Encounter.”  Why?  Because the Holy Spirit is invited to have His way and minister to individuals.  Nancy and the workshops are designed to illuminate a teaching from God’s Word (Rev.21:23 – God illuminated it / The Lamb is its Light) and impart truth from the Word (Rom. 1:11 – gifts to make you strong). Then, activate!  (Phil. 4:9 – what you’ve learned / seen … put it into practice).

Being called to be a servant of the Most High isn’t a call to be comfortable!  It is a call to serve obediently, according to the Word of God!  A calling that we don’t have to do alone, but we have been given the power of the Holy Spirit … we just have to yield and show up!  If He calls – He equips!

I say all that to say this:  thank you for your prayers!  The protection of your prayer coverage moves the heart of God and opens ears to hear so that people can go deeper in their walk with the Lord.  He promises to hear when we call and open prison doors to set the captives free … freedom so that we can become the Bride He has intended for us to be.  So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed! (John 8:36).  And there is nothing like FREEDOM IN THE LORD!  That is peace at war! … Redemptive Rest!
Dee  drum

 Dee (prophetic painting)        Comm”unity” Drum

This coming week end (May 1-3, 2015), Nancy and I will be heading up to Delta Junction, Alaska.  We would so appreciate your prayer coverage.  The name of Jesus will be lifted up in Delta Junction, Alaska!  And the Lord says about Himself:  “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth (Delta Jct.), will draw all people to Myself” (John 12:32).

Also, on May 23, 2015, Nancy and I will be heading to Lucknow, India where Nancy will be speaking at a Women’s Conference.  We will then be headed to Hong Kong.  While in Hong Kong, we will fly into Beijing, Capitol of China, to pray.  Then we will head to the capital cities of the following countries to pray:  Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Russia, and Israel.  We will be back in the USA in mid July (Georgia / South Carolina area).  Watch the website for a more detailed timeline.

“Proclaim this among the nations: Prepare for war! Rouse the warriors! Let all the fighting men draw near and attack.”  (Joel 3:9).

Tired from the battle(s)? … Feeling weak? – physically or spiritually?  The Lord has a remedy for that!  Say: “I am strong!”  (Joel 3:10b); “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” (2 Cor. 12:10b);  “He gives strength to the weary & increases the power of the weak.” (Is. 40:29).

     Look at it this way … being weak causes a longing for strength.  And we know our source!   “My help comes from the Lord!” (Ps 121:2a).

“Peace! Be strong now; be strong” (Dan. 10;19b).  Simple, yet profound when you consider the same power behind the words spoken so long ago are still alive and active today – for you and I.   The source that brings individual strength and peace today is the same Voice that spoke the world into being. That is what I call World Power – God’s way… Word Power!

Again, thank you for your prayers on behalf of Point To Hope Ministries.  Please don’t hesitate to send scriptures, visions / dreams, words, if the Lord gives you revelation.

Blessings to all,

Sarah Tarter,
PTH Prayer Facilitator


Jericho – The Walls DID Come Tumbling Down! (Note from Deb. Anderes)

Dear Friends,

Jericho – The Walls DID Come Tumbling Down!
Everything worked just like God had said it would. When Joshua heard the horns blow on the seventh day, he knew that it was time for the people to shout so he called out, “Shout because God has given you the city!  Joshua 6:16


Now I’m not sure if you caught that, but walls are coming down!
God is shouting down our walls.   
The WAR CRY is being sounded. The War Cry of PRAYER!
Liz Stinson posted an update for the Anchorage Conference this upcoming weekend for April 23 -25.  And just like she said, “Shout because God has given us this city!“

I am excited as our theme for 2015 is “War Cry:  God’s Redemptive Rest!”  … And how do we find rest?  Prayer is the beginning.
As you know, Prayer is the greatest War Cry before the walls can come down.  I am asking you to join me in prayer as God prepares us all for this conference.  I also request increased prayer for Nancy Haney, who stands as Joshua, the commander of the Army of Point to Hope Ministries.  She has gone through much testing and tribulation with great loss in her family these past few months.  Please help me stand as we march with prayer to cover and hedge in her and her family.  Please pray with us as we ask God to place her with:
·         Armor
·         The Mind of Christ
·         A Shield on her heart
·         Strength to do what God has asked her to do in this hour
·         Strength in her physical, emotional, and spiritual being.
Prayer is releasing the power of God … Prayer is asking God to do what we cannot do.
Thank you and God bless each and every one of you! 
Love and prayers,
Debbie Anderes
Ketchikan Assistant Director